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Level A2 (Elementary) Vocabulary

Part 1

Conversational English

Free-time activities

Collocations related to sports

Types of music

Phrases expressing like and dislike

Adjectives describing clothes and fashion

Personality adjectives

Part 2

Units of measurement

Sights and landmarks


Conversational English

Words easily confused

Nouns ending in -ion. -ation, -ment

Places in a city

Part 3

Words related to camps and courses

Conversational English Words easily confused

Phrasal verbs (look. come)

Words related to cooking

Collocations and words related to education

Part 4

Words related to nature and wild animals

Words related to weather

Conversational English

Adverbial phrases

Natural disasters -ed / -ing adjectives

Part 5

Conversational English Words/Phrases used in telephone conversations

Words related to sports and fitness

Words easily confused

Words related to technology

Words related to environmental problems

Adjectives ending in -ful. -less

Part 6

Words related to astronomy

Conversational English

Expressions with way'

Words related to celebrations

Part 7

Words related to crime

Phrasal verbs 'turn'

Conversational English

Words related to fundraising events and competitions

Part 8

Types of holiday

Conversational English

Expressions with 'time'

Words related to holiday misfortunes

Opposites (un-, dis-, im-)

Words related to gestures



Level A2 (Elementary) Grammar

Part 1

Present Simple vs Present


Stative verbs

Comparison of adjectives and adverbs

Some / Any / No / Every and their compounds

Past Simple

The verb used to

Part 2

Relative pronouns: who / which / that / whose

Relative adverb: where

Conditional Sentences Type 1

Time Clauses (Present-Future)

All / Both / Neither / None / Either

Clauses of result

Part 3

Present Perfect Simple

Present Perfect Simple vs Past


Present Perfect Progressive

Present Perfect Simple - Present

Perfect Progressive


Part 4

Prepositions of time • place - movement

Question tags

Past Simple - Past Progressive

Time clauses (when / while / as / as soon as)

Past Perfect Simple

Part 5

can / could / may / will / would

must / have to / need (to) / can't

can / could / be able to

could / may / might

must / can't

Passive Voice:

- Present Simple

- Past Simple

- Present Perfect Simple

- Future 'will'

- Future 'going to'

- modal verbs

Part 6

The article "the"

so / neither / too / either

Full and Bare

Infinitive -ing form

Part 7

Subject - Object Questions

Negative Questions

Reflexive Pronouns

Conditional Sentences Type 2


Part 8

Reported Speech (Statements. Commands. Requests. Questions)




Level A2 (Elementary) Speaking

Part 1

Distinguishing between habitual actions and current activities

Discussing future plans

Making comparisons

Discussing past habits and situations

Expressing likes/dislikes

Introducing oneself

Describing personality

Part 2

Defining people, places and things

Referring to conditions and their results

Talking about the future

Finding things in common

Expressing result

Expressing opinion

Describing places/sights

Part 3

Talking about experiences

Expressing preference

Linking past and present time

Talking about the duration of an action

Focusing on the result of an action

Talking about food and quantities

Giving and following instructions

Giving news


Part 4

Asking for confirmation

Agreeing and disagreeing

Talking about past experiences

Sequencing past actions and events

Describing feelings

Narrating a story


Part 5

Talking on the phone

Making requests and offers

Asking for, giving and refusing permission

Expressing possibility

Expressing ability

Expressing obligation, lack of obligation and prohibition

Making deductions

Understanding the features of a webpage

Expressing opinion


Part 6

Discussing facts

Expressing agreement/ disagreement

Finding things in common

Inviting and making arrangements

Expressing purpose

Describing festivals / celebrations / events


Part 7

Asking for confirmation and expressing surprise

Understanding instructions

Asking for and giving advice

Talking about imaginary situations

Making wishes

Understanding dictionary entries

Expressing enthusiasm

Part 8


Narrating events and experiences

Discussing cultural differences

Asking for information


Level A2 (Elementary) Writing

Part 1

A paragraph comparing two activities

An e-mail introducing oneself to a new e-pal

A paragraph about one's clothes

A description of a person

Developing skills:

Linking words (and. or. but. so, because)

Part 2

A postcard

A paragraph about graffiti

A description of a place

Developing skills:

Using a variety of adjectives

Part 3

An article about why you're learning English

A recipe

An e-mail giving news

Developing skills:

Set phrases for letters and e-mails

Part 4

A paragraph about an imaginary event

A story

Developing skills:

Linking words/phrases (time, contrast, result-consequence, cause-reason)


Part 5

A paragraph expressing opinion

A short description of an invention

An essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV

Developing skills:

Linking words/phrases (to list points, to express contrast)

Writing in a formal style


Part 6

An e-mail inviting, giving information and making arrangements

A short story based on a picture

A short description of a dream

A description of an event

Developing skills:

Planning paragraphs

Part 7

A letter asking for advice

A letter giving advice

An e-mail based on prompts

Developing skills:

Expanding notes


Part 8

An account of a true event

A formal letter asking for information

Developing skills:

Distinguishing between formal and informal language

Using indirect questions

Editing one's writing