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  1. What kind of food do you like?
  2. What kind of food don’t you like?
  3. Do you like fast food?
  4. How often do you eat out?
  5. What’s your favourite cafe?
  6. Do you often get takeaway food?
  7. Are you good at cooking?
  8. Is eating mostly a chore or a pleasure for you?
  9. What time do you usually have dinner?
  10. Do you usually eat at the same time on weekdays and at weekends?
  11. Do you have a healthy diet?
  12. Do you care where the food you eat comes from?
  13. Do you avoid any food or drinks for health reasons?
  14. What do you think about vegetarians?
  15. When you eat out, do you prefer something new or what you know?
  16. What’s the most unusual dish you've ever tried?


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  1. I like sweets and lemonade.
  2. I don’t like salty food.
  3. I don’t like fast food, because it is not useful for health.
  4. I rarely eat out, I like eating at home.
  5. My favourite cafe is McDonalds.
  6. No, I never get takeaway food, I like cooking at home.
  7. Yes, I am good at cooking.
  8. Eating is a pleasure for me.
  9. I usually have dinner at 6 in the evening.
  10. I don't eat at the same time on weekdays and at weekends.
  11. Yes, I try to have a healthy diet.
  12. I never care where the food I eat comes from.
  13. Sometimes I avoid Coke and Chips.
  14. I think vegetarian diet is not for me, because I like eating meat and fish.
  15. I think for  me it would be impossible to live without meet but if they can do this I wish the best to them.
  16. It was a fried frog.



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