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Level B1 (Intermediate) Vocabulary 

Part 1

Words/Collocations related tocomputers

Words/Phrases related to communication

Phrases expressing 'likes/dislikes'

Words easily confused

Word building: nouns ending in -ion, •ation. -ment


Part 2

Adjectives describing feelings

Words used both as verbs and as nouns

Prepositional phrases (in/out of)

Words easily confused

Personality adjectives

Phrasal verbs and expressions with 'keep'


Part 3

Words/Phrases related to shopping

Word building

Words easily confused

Phrasal verbs with 'get' and 'put'

Part 4

Word building: negative adjectives beginning with un-, in-, //-. ir-, im-

Adjectives + prepositions

Expressions with 'make' and 'do'

Words easily confused

Part 5

Types of holiday

Geographical features


Word building: nouns ending in -er, -or, -ist referring to people

Words easily confused

Compound nouns


Airport language

Part 6


Verbs + prepositions

Verbs beginning with 'over'

Word building: nouns ending in -ness. -ity

Phrasal verbs

Expressions with 'take'

Part 7

Expressions with 'nature Collective terms for animals

Phrasal verbs with 'up' and 'down'

Prepositional phrases (at)

Word building: adjectives ending in -ous. -a/, -ive, -able, -ing, -ful

Words related to the environment

Words easily confused


Part 8

Word building: negative words beginning with dis-. mis-, ending in -less

Words easily confused

Expressions related to appearance and fashion

Phrasal verbs

Lexical set: colours

Words/Phrases related to arts and crafts



Level B1 (Intermediate) Grammar 

Part 1

Present Simple vs Present Progressive

Stative verbs


Past Simple

Used to

be/get used to


Part 2

Countable and uncountable nouns


Defining Relative Clauses

Non-Defining Relative Clauses

Past Simple - Past Progressive


Part 3

may / might / could


must / have to / need (to) / can't

would rather / had better / should / ought to

Present Perfect Simple vs Past Simple

Present Perfect Simple - Present Perfect Progressive


Part 4

Future will

Future be going to

Future Perfect Simple

All / Both / Neither / None / Either

Both... and / Either... or / Neither... nor

Conditional Sentences

Types 0, 1 and 2


Part 5

Past Perfect Simple - Past Perfect Progressive

Reported Speech

(Statements, Questions, Commands, Requests)

Reporting verbs


Part 6

Passive Voice

Verbs with two objects

Clauses of result, concession, purpose


Part 7

Full / Bare Infinitive -ing form

Exclamatory sentences Modal verbs + have + past participle


Part 8

Causative Form

Conditional Sentences

Туре З

Wish / If only 


Level B1 (Intermediate) Speaking

Part 1

Distinguishing between permanent and temporary situations

Making comparisons

Discussing past habits and events

Expressing likes/dislikes

Expressing enthusiasm

Accepting or refusing an invitation

Giving news


Part 2

Defining people, places, things and ideas and giving additional information about them

Narrating past events

Sequencing past actions

Describing personality

Expressing feelings


Part 3

Expressing possibility and making deductions

Expressing obligation, prohibition and absence of necessity

Expressing preference and making suggestions

Expressing threat or warning

Expressing opinion and giving advice

Linking past and present time


Part 4

Referring to the future

Expressing opinion

Expressing hypotheses about what is likely or unlikely to happen in the future


Part 5

Sequencing past actions and events

Narrating events and past experience


Understanding recorded messages

Making offers and suggestions

Giving directions


Part 6

Emphasising an action using the Passive Voice

Expressing result, concession and purpose

Expressing views and preferences

Making polite requests


Part 7

Expressing surprise, alarm and joy

Expressing criticism, possibility. certainty and absence of necessity ir the past

Expressing opinion


Part 8

Referring to hypothetical situations ir the past

Asking for and giving advice

Expressing wishes and regret about something in the past

Suggesting and recommending



Level B1 (Intermediate) Writing 

Part 1

Information to include in a personal webpage

Developing skills:

Using linking words (and. but. so. because, or)

An informal letter/e-mail based on prompts

Developing skills:

Expanding on prompts


Part 2

A description of a person

Developing skills:

Supporting an opinion

A story

Developing skills:

Using linking words/phrases (time, result-consequence. cause-reason, emphasis)


Part 3

Completing a form

A formal letter/e-mail of application

Developing skills:

Distinguishing between formal and informal language


Part 4

A paragraph expressing opinion Developing skills:

Developing a paragraph

Using linking words/phrases (to list/add points, express contrast, give examples, give opinion)

An essay (discussing advantages and disadvantages)

Developing skills:

Using topic sentences

Organising ideas

Part 5

An account of a true event

Developing skills:

Using 'strong' adjectives

An informal letter/e-mail based on prompts

Developing skills:

Expanding on prompts


Part 6

A semi-formal letter/e-mail asking for and giving information

Developing skills:

Using indirect questions

A film review

Developing skills:

Using positive and negative adjectives

Part 7

An article describing a place

Developing skills:

Using different ways to attract the reader's attention

A letter (to the editor) expressing an opinion

Developing skills:

Using a mind map for brainstorming


Part 8

A letter giving advice Developing skills:

Using appropriate expressions to give advice and make suggestions

A report

Developing skills:

Using paragraph headings

Presenting information in an impersonal, formal way (Passive Voice)