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BOOKS - Книги

How often do you read books?
I read books almost every night before I go to bed.

What’s your favorite type of book?
I love reading about different cultures.

What can you learn from books?
Books can broaden my horizon about thousands of things around the world, and books are also my best friends.

Where do you read books?
I read books at home, sometimes in the library.

What’s the most interesting book you have ever read?
I think that would be Nepal, a book written about the country of Nepal, published in 1999.

How long does it take you to finish a book?
Well, it depends on the length of the book, but it usually takes me a week to finish a 300-page book.

Do you usually bring books with you when you travel?
Yes, I do. When I’m at the airport or bus station, I read books to kill time.

Is there any bookstore or library in your area?
Unfortunately, there are none near my house. The nearest one is 3 kilometers away.


What is your favorite story?
Who is your favorite author?
Who is your favorite character?
What is your favorite genre /ˈʒɑ̃ː.rə/ ?
Action - Бойовик
Mystery /ˈmɪs.tər.i/- Детективний роман
Detective - Детектив
Science Fiction - Наукова фантастика
Children's books - Дитячі книги
War - Війна
Non-fiction /ˌnɒnˈfɪk.ʃən/ - Нехудожня література
Travel books - Туристичні книги
Self-help books - Книги самодопомоги
History - Історія
Biography - Біографія
Autobiography /ˌɔː.tə.baɪˈɒɡ.rə.fi/ - Автобіографія
Gothic /ˈɡɒθ.ɪk/ - Готичний
Classic Literature /ˈlɪt.rə.tʃər/ - Класична література
Modern Literature - Сучасна література