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Deep in the mountains lived a dragon.
Every hundred years he wakes up.
He is very hungry.
‘I want some breakfast,’ he said.

He went down the mountain to the village.
He saw a boy.
‘Yum, a boy for breakfast!’
‘Don’t eat me!’ said Sia. ‘I’ll give you some food.’

Sia took the dragon to his house.
He ate three plates of chicken and rice.
‘I’m still hungry,’ said the dragon.

Sia gave the dragon more food.
He ate five plates of noodles and ten sausages.
He was still hungry!

They went to the restaurant.
The dragon ate twenty meatballs and fifty fish balls with twelve plates of sticky rice.
After that he ate six puddings and a cake.
He was still hungry!

They went to the shop.
The dragon ate all the fruit and vegetables: mangoes and cabbages, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans.
He was still a bit hungry!

Sia looked in his pocket.
There was one sweet.
He gave the sweet to the dragon.
The dragon exploded!

‘Hooray!’ shouted Sia. ‘The dragon is gone! No more boys for breakfast!’