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Wake up early. - Рано встаю.

It is Monday. - Сьогодні понеділок.

I can't sleep late. - Я не можу спати довго.

It's not Sunday. - Це не неділя.

Eat my breakfast. - Снідаю.

Take a shower. - Приймаю душ.

Brush my teeth. - Чищу зуби.

Put on my clothes. - Одягюсь.

I have an hour. - У мене є година.

Wait at the bus stop. - Чекаю на автобусній зупинці.

Get in line. - Встаю у чергу. 

My bus is coming. - Мій автобус йде.

It's number nine. - Це номер дев'ять.

Sit by the window. - Сядаю біля вікна.

Look for my street. - Шукаю мою вулицю.

Get off the bus. - Виходжу з автобуса.

Arrive ar work and take a seat. - Приходжу на роботу і сідаю.

Open my briefcase. - Відкриваю мій портфель. 

Take out a file. - Виймаю папку.

Call up my clients. - Телефоную моїм клієнтам. 

Then rest a while. - Потім трохи відпочиваю.

It is a good job. - Це хороша робота. 

I work all day. - Я працюю весь день.

When it is five I can relax. - О п'ятій, я можу розслабитися.

It's time to play. - Час грати.


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  1. I _____ (wake up) at half past six in the morning.
  2. Dave _____ (get up) five minutes after waking up.
  3. Steve _____ (have) a very hot shower.
  4. Helen _____ (wash) her face with cold water.
  5. Steve _____ (put on ) his clothes alone now.
  6. To please her mum, Stella _____ (make) her bed every morning.
  7. Afterwards she _____ ( have) a very big breakfast with cereals.
  8. Max _____ (brush) his teeth twice a day , after breakfast and before going to bed.
  9. Ken and his little Sister _____ (take) their schoolbags and _____ (walk) to school.
  10. David _____ ( go) there and _____ (come back) on his skateboard.
  11. My friends and I _____ (take) the bus tо and from school.
  12. John , who is very serious always _____ (lift) his hand during the morning classes.
  13. Steve _____ ( play) with his friends during the morning break.
  14. Lena _____ (enjoy) her maths lessons.
  15. Then we all _____ (eat) our lunch at the school canteen.
  16. We often _____ ( practise) sports in the afternoon.
  17. After school John _____ (go) back home and _____ (arrive) there at 5.00 pm.
  18. Stella , who _____ (be) always hungry _____ (have) a little snack.
  19. Then we all _____ (do) our homework and_____ (learn) our lesson.
  20. Some time before dinner John _____ (walk) his dogs, then he _____ ( feed) them.
  21. In the meantime his little sister _____ (help) their mum with the dinner.
  22. Then , they _____(have) dinner all together as a loving family.
  23. My neighbour sometimes _____(watch) a little television before going to bed .
  24. Finally , he , like any other girls or boys _____ (go ) to bed and ( dream).