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Chita is a little monkey. She is from Africa. She is brown. Chita is funny. She likes to jump,

run and play very much.

She can sing and dance, too. But she hasn't got friends to play with. And Chita wants to

have many friends.

So she goes and goes, goes and goes.

One day she sees  a big green frog. The frog can jump but she can't run or play games.

"I don't want to have the frog as a friend." says Chita. And she goes, and goes and goes.

Then Chita sees a dolphin, a big grey dolphin. The dolphin can jump and play. But it can't

run or sing.

"I don't want to have such  a friend." says the monkey. So she goes, and goes, and goes.

Then Chita sees a little black and white kitten. The kitten is funny. It can run, jump and


It has got a ball and likes to play with it. So the monkey likes the kitten very much.

She wants to have the kitten as a friend. "Do yon want to be my friend? Let's play," says

the monkey.

Now Chita has got a friend to play with. She loves the kit­ten very much.