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 PAST SIMPLE TENSE - Affirmative. Exercises.

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1. Write the sentences using PAST SIMPLE all the verbs are regular
1. Children ____ (dress) quickly.
2. I ____ (help) my mother in the kitchen.
3. We ____ (walk) in the park.
4. They ____ (wash) their clothes in the bathroom.
5. We ____ (watch) an interesting film.
6. Students ____ (work) in the garden.
7. Guna ____ (play) basketball.
8. The girl ____ (skip) very fast.
9. It ____ (rain) a lot.
10. Henry ____ (ski) down the hill.


2. Write the sentences using PAST SIMPLE all the verbs are regular
She (to work) abroad.
– Вона працювала за кордоном.
My uncle (to live) here.
– Мій дядько жив тут.
Harry (to write) a lot of books.
– Гаррі написав багато книг.
She (to be) angry yesterday.
– Вчора вона була розлюченою.
We (to be) young and reckless.
– Ми були молоді та безтурботні.
She (to enter) the room and (to screamed).
– Вона зайшла до кімнати та закричала.
I (to wake up), (to wash) my face and (to brush) my teeth.
– Я прокинувся, умився та почистив зуби.
He (to close) the door, (to put) the key into the pocket and (to catch) the taxi.
– Він закрив двері, поклав ключі в карман й спіймав таксі.


3. Write the sentences using PAST SIMPLE all the verbs are regular
It ____ (snow) last winter.
We ____ (open) the door.
Children ____ (smile) happily.
Martin ____ (listen) to music.
She ____ (want) a new dress.
Ervin ____ (count) the documents.
A lot of people ____ (skate) on the lake.
Nick ____ (rest) last summer.
We ____ (paint) the walls.
The teacher ____ (plant) a tree.


4. Write the sentences using PAST SIMPLE all the verbs are regular
We ____ (wait) for you.
Ervin ____ (fix) the bike.
The girl ____ (clean) the house.
We ____ (search) for information.
They ____ (work) in the morning.
She ____ (promise) to help.
They ____ (ski) in winter.
I ____ (look) through the window.
You ____ (listen) to music.
She ____ (wash) the cups and the plates.


5. Please enter the past tense of the verb given.
1. We always ____ (walk) to school.
2. He ____ (play) flute at school every day.
3. Our lesson ____ (end) at two o'clock.
4. He ____ (work) in Quebec City.
5. They ____ (succeed) in our class.
6. We ____ (finish) our lessons at three o'clock.
7. I ____ (start) to study English.
8. Helen ____ (answer) all of the teacher's questions.
9. We ____ (walk) through the park every morning.
10. The dog ____ (follow) the boy everywhere. 


6, Put the correct forms of the verbs into the gaps. Use Simple Past in the statements.
Jane ____ a film. (to watch)
He ____ a box. (to carry)
They ____ their father. (to help)
John and Amy ____ things. (to swap)
I ____ to Andrew. (to talk)
Susan ____ with Peter. (to dance)
The boys ____ basketball. (to try)
We ____ a trip. (to plan)
She ____ her hair. (to wash)
The car ____ at the traffic lights. (to stop)


7. Complete the following sentences with the words provided below in Past Simple Tense.

classify copy cry deny dry identify reply satisfy terrify try

He ____ his face with a handkerchief.
The news ____ them.
I ____ his curiosity.
I ____ to his letter last week.
He ____ all the accusations.
The wounded soldier ____ with pain.
He ____ the motto with great care.
Tom ____ all possible means.
All the bodies were ____ yesterday.
The students ____ all the sentences according to their complexity. 


8. Fill in the blanks.
1. (wake) => I ____ up at 6 o'clock
2. (help) => I ____ my mother clean the house
3. (go) => I ____ to Robinsons
4. (stay) => I ____ at home
5. (play) => I ____ video games
6. (do) => I ____ my homework
7. (sleep) => I ____ for one hour
8. (watch) => I ____ a cartoon
9. (eat) => I ____ fried chicken
10. (buy) => I ____ a book for school


9. Fill in the blanks.
1. We ____ an English test yesterday. (take)
2. He ____ to my party last week. (come)
3.They ____ Chinese lesson this morning. (have)
4. Eric ____ his kite last weekend. (fly)
5. My mother ____ to Chonburi on Sunday. (go)
6. I ____ my mother after school yesterday. (meet)
7. I ____ some Pepsi this morning. (drink)
8. We ____ at KFC last night. (eat)
9. She ____ the window yesterday. (break)
10. He ____ a computer for his birthday. (get)
11. John ____ 100 Baht in the playground yesterday. (find)
12. The students ____ football after school on Friday. (play)
13. Mary ____ her cellphone yesterday. (lose)
14. Manchester United ____ the football match last weekend (win).
15. I ____ to Seacon Square at the weekend. (go)



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