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41, 46th Street

Sunnyside, New York 1106

March 10


Dear Miguel,

How are you? I’m fine. Here's a letter in English.  It's good practice for you and me!

I have classes in English at La Guardia Community Соllege. I'm in a class with eight students. They're all from different countries: Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, and Italy. Our teacher's name is Isabel. She's very nice and a very good teacher.

I live in an apartment with two American girls, Annie and Marnie Kass. They are sisters. Annie's twenty years old and she’s a dancer. Mamie's eighteen and she’s a student. They're very friendly, but it isn't easy to understand them.

They speak very fast!

New York is very big, very exciting but very expensive!. The subway isn't difficult to use and it's cheap. It's very cold now but Central Park is lovely in the snow. I'm very happy here.


Write to me soon.








1. Agree with right and correct  the fault sentences.


1       Dorita is from Argentina. – Yes, she is. She is from Argentina.

2       She's in Miami. No, she isn't. She's in New York.

3       Dorita's happy in New York.

4       She's on holiday.

5       It's a very big class.

6       The students in her class are all from South America.

7       Annie and Marnie are both students.

8       The subway is easy to use.





2. Write the questions about Dorita's letter.


1     Where's Dorita from?___________________ ?


2  ___________________________________ ?

Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, and Italy.

3  ___________________________________ ?


4  ___________________________________ ?

They are sisters. They live with Dorita.

5___________________________________ _?

Annie's twenty and Mamie's eighteen.

6 ________ New York____________________ ?

Yes, it is.




3. Complete the text with in, with, at, on, or of.





I live ______ London. My house is ______ the centre ______ city. I work for an international firm. I'm ______ work now. My husband. Dave, is a teacher. Our children go to his school. He’s ______ school now  ______ our children. They are ______ class five but Dave isn't their teacher. My parents are  ______ on  holiday ______ Paris now. We have a photo ______ Eiffel Tower from them. They like Paris very much.