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Неозначені займенники



1. Неозначені займенники поділяються на прості і складні.

Простими неозначеними займенниками є: all, each, some, any, another, other, much, many, little, few, both, one.


2. Складні неозначені займенники утворюються від простих займенників some, any, no, every додаванням до них -body, -one, -thing (somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody, someone, anyone, everyone, something, anything, nothing, everything).


3. Some і похідні від нього з'айменники вживаються у стверджувальних реченнях, any і його похідні вживаються у питальних і заперечних реченнях.


some якийсь, дехто

any який-небудь, якийсь

no ніякий

every кожний


somebody / someone хтось  (ст.96 - Smart)

anybody / anyoneхтось, хто-небудь (ст.96 - Smart)

nobody / no oneніхто (ст.96 - Smart)

everybody / everyone кожний, усі (ст.96 - Smart)


something щось

anything щось

nothing ніщо, нічого

everything усе


somewhere десь, кудись

anywhereде-небудь, куди-небудь

nowhereніде, нікуди

everywhere всюди, скрізь




other - інший

neither - будь-хто (з двох)

much - багато

either - будь-який (з двох)

one - один

each - кожен

many - багато

few - трохи

others - інші

both - обидва

several - кілька

none - ніхто, ніщо

most - більшість

more - більше

all - всі



some, any, no, every  ... ?

1. There were ... of my friends there.

a) something b) some c) somebody

2. Well, anyway, there is ... need to hurry, now that we have missed the train.

a) no b) some c) any

3. Have you ever seen ... of these pictures before?

a) any b) anything c) some

4. There is ... water in the kettle: they have drunk it all.

a) some b) anything c) no

5. There were ... fir-trees in that forest, but many pines.

a) no b) some c) something

6. We could not buy cherries, so we bought ... plums instead.

a) any b) some c) no

7. I saw ... I knew at the lecture.

a) anybody b) nobody c) some

8. Do you really think that ... visits this place?

a) somebody b) some c) anything

9. I have never seen ... laces their boots like that.

a) something b) someone c) anybody

10.I haven't seen him ... .

a) somewhere b) anywhere c) nowhere

11. I know the place is ... about here, but exactly where, I don't know.

a) somewhere b) somebody c) anywhere

12. Did you go ... yesterday? - - No, I went ... , I stayed at home the whole day.

a) something b) anywhere c) anything

anywhere nowhere where

13. Can I have ... milk? - - Yes, you can have ....

a) any, some b) no, any c) some, some

14. Will you have ... tea?

a) anything b) some c) something

15. Give me ... books, please. I have ... to read at home.

a) some, nothing b) any, anything c) some, something

16. Put ... sugar in her tea: she does not like sweet tea.

a) some b) anything c) no

17. Is ... the matter with you? Has ... offended you? I see by your face that ... has happened.

a) something b) anything c) nobody

nothing anybody any

anybody something anywhere

18. We did not see ... in the hall.

a) anybody b) someone c) any

19. ... was present at the lesson yesterday.

a) anybody b) everybody c) every

20. He is busy. He has ... time to go to the cinema with us.

a) some b) something c) no

21. Do you need ... books to prepare for your report?

a) something b) anything c) any

22. Have you ... questions? Ask me ... you like, I shall try to answer ... question.

a) any b) something c) some

anything any something

every everything no

23. ... liked that play: it was very dull.

a) everybody b) nobody c) anybody