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1. Write the sentences in the negative.
Example: David can ride a horse. David can’t ride a horse.

1. Denis can wash up.
2. I can play football.
3. Her sister can play the piano.
4. You can make coffee.
5. Martin can ride a bycicle.
6. They can play chess.

2. Write the sentences in the interrogative.
Example: Andy can play sport games. Can Andy play sport games?

1. She can play the accordion.
2. Tony can make tea.
3. You can paint flowers.
4. Bob can wash fruit for lunch.
5. He can play golf.
6. Her mother can cook roast chicken.

3. Write the sentences as in the example.
Example: Rose can play basketball. (tennis) She can’t play tennis.

1. Don can fish. (to ride a bicycle)
2. I can play the flute. (to play the piano)
3. Ted can take care of animals. (to cook)
4. She can cut the grass. (to swim)
5. My father can play chess. (to play hockey)
6. Her friend can make a fire. (to paint the house)
7. Bess can make jam. (to make soup)

4. Make up sentences from the words.

1. can, golf, Frank, very well, play.
2. swim, Alan, can.
3. the piano, can’t, play, I.
4. in the forest, we, make a fire, can’t.
5. can, Cathy, make jam.
6. soup, Tomas, cook, can.
7. can’t, her cat, the threes, climb.

5. Make up questions from the words.

1. her child, make a snowman, can?
2. can, what game, play, he?
3. do shopping, Bran, can?
4. sit, where, I, can?
5. Brett, can, table games, with whom, play?
6. you, can, how often, the piano, play?
7. tell, she, funny stories, can?

6. Make questions. Begin the questions using the words in brackets.
Example: She can play basketball. (What game) What game can she play?

1. Mary can ride a bicycle. (How well)
2. You can play cricket. (What game)
3. My sister can paint. (What)
4. David can swim. (How well)
5. Scott can’t wash the floor. (Why)
6. I can play chess very well. (With whom)

7. Translate from Russian into English.

1. Я вмію плавати.
2. Його сестра вміє танцювати.
3. Ти вмієш малювати?
4. Її дідусь вміє грати в шахи?
5. Бен не вміє грати в теніс.
6. Ми не можемо бігати.
7. Ти можеш помити посуд?


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