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Заповніть пропуски правильними займенниками та перекладіть:



  1. Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood.
  2. Together with _______ mum, __________lived in a big forest
  3. One fine day, Little Red Riding Hood's mother said, " ________- grandma is ill.
  4. Please go and take this cake and a bottle of wine to ___________ .
  5. Grandma's house is not too far from ____________ house, but always go straight and don't stop!"
  6. So, Little Red Riding Hood took basket and went to Grandma's house.
  7. In the forest ____________ met the big bad wolf.
  8. Little Red Riding Hood greeted  _________ and the wolf asked ___________:
  9. "Where are _________ going, Little Red Riding Hood?"
  10. "To _________ grandma's house." answered Little Red Riding Hood.
  11. "Can you tell _________ where  ____________ grandma lives?"
  12. " ___________lives in a little cottage at the edgeof the forest."
  13. "Why don't _________  pick some nice flowers for __________?" asked the wolf.
  14. "That's a good idea." said Little Red Riding Hood and began looking for flowers.
  15. Meanwhile the wolf was going to grandma's house.
  16. The house was quite small but nice and ________ roof was made out of straw
  17. The wolf went inside and swallowed poor old Grandma.
  18. After that ___________put Grandma's clothes on and lay down in _________ bed.