ПОРІВНЯННЯ ЧАСІВ - Present Simple / Present Continuous / Present Perfect / Past Simple (ВПРАВИ З ВІДПОВІДЯМИ) - 7 КЛАС

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1. Перекладіть у Present Simple.

Я працюю. Ми працюємо. Вони не працюють.

Ви працюєте? - Так

Він працює? - Ні. він вчиться

Мій брат не вчиться. Він працює.

Моя сестра не читає книг.

Наша бабуся зазвичай спить на дивані.

Ви часто відпочиваєте в цьому кріслі?

Коли ви встаєте?

Твоя сестра говорить по-французьки? - Ні.

Мій дядько інженер. Він дуже зайнятий.

Мій брат працює в лікарні. Він лікар.

2. Розкрийте дужки, вживаючи дієслова в Past Simple.

1. Yesterday he (to wash) _________ his face at a quarter past seven.

2. I ( to work) _________ at school 3 years ago

3. We ( to study) _________ at university in 1998.

4. My mother (not to like) _________ milk in her childhood.

5. Our children ( to play) _________ football last year

6. You (to like) your school? _________

7. You ( to work) at the hospital last week? _________

8. We ( not to rest) _________ yesterday

9. My friend (to live) _________ in America 2 years ago.

10. You (to live) in this house last year? _________

11. Where you (to study)? _________

12. Your mother (to cook) supper yesterday? _________

13. I (not to cook ) _________ my breakfast.

14. You ( to prepare ) your homework? _________

15.I ( to help) _________ my Granny at the garden.

3. Розкрийте дужки, вживаючи дієслова в Present  Continuous.

1. The boys (to run) about in the garden.

2. I (to do) my homework.

3. John and his friends (to go) to the library.

4. Ann (to sit) at  her desk. She (to study) geography.

5. A young man (to stand) at the window. He (to smoke) a cigarette

6. The old man (to walk) about the room.

7. The dog (to sit) on the floor.

8. You (to have) a break?

9. What language you (to study)?

10. Who (to lie) on the sofa?

11. What they (to talk) about?

12. It still (to rain).

4. Розкрийте дужки, вживаючи дієслова в Present Perfect или Past Simple.

1. I (to see) Pete today

___ have seen

___ saw

___ have see

2. I (to read) this book last year.

___ have read

___ read

___ readed

3.  I (to read) this book this week

___ read

___ has read

___ have read

4. I never (to be) to Washington.

___ never have been

___ was

___ have never been

5. You ever (to be) to New York?

___ Did you ever be

___ You have ever been

___ Have you ever been

6. You ever (to see) the eruption of a volcano?

___ Have you ever seen

___ Have you ever see

___ Have you seen ever

7. He (not to eat) yesterday.

___ didn't eat

___ didn't ate

___ hasn't eaten

8. You (to play) the piano yesterday?

___ Have you play

___ Did you play

___ Did you played

9. You (to play) the piano today?

___ Did you play

___ Have you played

___ You have played

5. Розкрийте дужки, вживаючи дієслова в Present  Simple.

1. My sister _________ (to get) up at eight o'clock.

2. She _________ (to be) a school-girl. She _________ (to go) to school in the afternoon.

3. Jane _________ (to be) fond of sports. She _________ (to do) her morning exercises every day.

4. For breakfast she _________ (to eat) two eggs, a sandwich and a cup of tea

5. After breakfast she _________ (to go) to school.

6. She _________ (to speak) French well.

7. It _________ (to take) him two hours to do his homework

8. My working day _________ (to begin) at seven o'clock.

9. I _________ (to get) up, _________ (to switch) on the radio and_________ (to do) my morning exercises.

10. It _________ (to take) me fifteen minutes

11. My father and I _________ (to leave) home at eight o'clock.

12. He _________ (to take) a bus to his factory

13. My mother _________ (to be) a doctor, she _________ (to leave) home at nine o'clock.

14. In the evening we _________ (to gather) in the living-room.

15. We _________ (to watch) TV and _________ (to talk).

16. At half past seven we _________ (to have) breakfast