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The Construction «to be going to»



успех в жизни



1. Make the following sentences interrogative and negative:

Pattern: She is going to take a taxi.

Is she going to take a taxi?

She isn’t /is not/ going to take a taxi.

1. He is going to the dentist on Tuesday morning.

2. I’m going to travel to Scotland on Monday.

3. I’m going to stay at home tonight.

4. You are going to miss your train.

5. They are going to quit smoking.

6. Look at those clouds. It’s going to rain.

7. She is going to have a bath.

8. He is going to learn Spanish.

9. We are going to the auction tomorrow.

10. He is going to buy a car.


2. Put the verbs in brackets into the «to be going to» form:

1. She (have) a bath.

2. The cat (have) kittens.

3. You (ask) him to help you?

4. When you (pay) the bill?

5. You (reserve) a sit?

6. What you (do) with the money?

7. You (buy) meat? No, (not eat) meat any more.I (eat) vegetables.

8. I (not stay) here another minute.

9. We (stop) here for a moment to get some petrol.

10. I haven’t bought any cigarettes because
I (give up) smoking.

11. You (walk) there in this rain? You’ll get awfully wet.

12. The children (plant) an oak tree here.

13. I’ve lent you my car once. I (not do) it again.

14. What you (tell) the police? I (tell) them the truth.
15. There was very little blossom this spring. Apples (be) scarce.


3. Complete the sentences by using «to be going to»:

1. I had lunch with Alan today, and I am going to have lunch with him tomorrow too.

2. John wasn’t in class today, and _______ tomorrow either.

3. It isn’t raining today, and according to the weather report, __________ tomorrow either.

4. We are in class today, and ________ in class tomorrow too.

5. I didn’t get married last year, and _______ married this year either.

6. Peter didn’t wear a clean shirt today, and _________ a clean one tomorrow either.