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The Pronoun: Personal and Possessive








1. Choose the correct pronouns in italics:

1. Nick had dinner with I, me.

2. I, me had dinner with Nick last night.

3. He waited we, us in the car.We, Us hurried.

4. Please take these food  scraps and give it, them to the dog.

5. Ted invited I, me to go to the game with he, him.

6. Alex bought a ticket to the soccer game. He put it, them in his pocket and forgot about it, them.


2. Use the absolute form of possessive pronouns instead of the conjoint:

Pattern: her advice — advice of hers;

my friend — a friend of mine;

his joke — a joke of his.

your cousin;

her sister;

our children;

my daughter;

my family;

her niece;

their relatives;

your son;

their grandson;

my parents;

my sister-in-law.


3. Choose the correct pronouns in italics:

1. Children should obey his, their parents.

2. Excuse me. Is this my, mine dictionary or your, yours? — This one is my, mineYour, yours is on your, yours desk. 3. Fruit should be a part of your, yours daily diet. It, they,is good for you, them.

4. Julie fell off her bicycle and broke hers, her arm.
5. Mary had to drive my, mine car to work. Hers, her had a flat tire.

6. Those seats are not your, yours, they are our, ours.

7. I have a wonderful family.
I, me love it, him, them very much, and he, they, love I, me.


4. Paraphrase the following sentences:

Pattern A: This is my coat. — This coat is mine.

1. This is my note-book.

2. This is your report.

3. This is his graduation paper.

4. This is her bag.

5. This is their classroom.

6. This is our bus.
7. This is her suggestion.

8. This is our Sports Centre.

Pattern B: Your room is large. Jane’s room is larger. — Jane’s room is larger than yours.

1. Our teacher is young. Your teacher is younger.

2. Her composition is interesting. Her friend’s composition is more interesting.

3. His camera is dear. Nick’s camera is dearer.

4. Their house is old. Our house is older.
5. My watch is good. Your watch is better.


5. Translate into Ukrainian:

1. A friend of mine told me about it.

2. The book which is on the table is mine.

3. This woman is a relative of hers.

4. I haven’t got a dictionary. Can you give me yours?

5. These pencils are mine, take them if you want.

6. He held out his hand. I gave him mine.

7. This is my mistake, not yours.

8. It’s no business of mine.

9. We went on holiday with some friends of ours.
10. There is a great difference between our composition and theirs.


6. Translate into English:

У мене є друг.

Я знаю його та його сестру давно.

Мiй друг i я — студенти.

Ми зустрiчаємось щодня.

Вiн часто дає менi кориснi поради.

Вони менi дуже потрiбнi.

Мiй друг добре знає англiйську мову.

Ми часто виконуємо домашнє завдання разом.

Ми читаємо книжки.

Вони дуже цiкавi.

Ми беремо курсові работи (курсовые работы) у бiблiотецi.

Сестра мого друга — викладачка.

Вона працює в нашому унiверситетi.

Вона викладає англiйську мову.

Студентам подобаються її заняття.

Вони завжди радi бачити її.