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1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:


1. If I find your passport, I (telephone) you at once.
2. You can use my phone if yours (not work).
3. She will be absolutely furious if she (hear) about this.
4. If London airport is clear of fog, we (land) there.
5. If you (not know) the meaning of a word, you may use a dictionary.
6. If he (work) hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow?
7. If we leave the car here, it (not be) in anybody’s way.
8. If you (stay) here a little longer, you will see him.
9. We shan’t go out unless it (stop) raining.
10. I’ll probably get lost unless he (come) with me.
11. If you (not believe) what I say, ask your mother.
12. We’ll go abroad this year if we (have) enough money.


1. I (keep) a horse if I could afford it.
2. I should come and see you off if I (not live) so far away.
3. I should be disappointed if they (not come)
4. If you (paint) the walls white, the room would be much brighter.
5. If he (be) here, he would answer you.
6. If we had no luggage, we (walk) home.
7. I would drive to the country if the weather (be) fine.
8. It would be cheaper if you (go) by train.
9. I should be delighted if she (teach) me English.
10. If he were in, he (answer) the phone.
11. If you (not belong) to a union, you couldn’t get a job.
12. If I hadn’t a typewriter, I (type) it myself.



1. If I (have) a map, I would have been all right.
2. If I had realized that the traffic lights were red, I (stop).
3. If I (be) ready when he called, he would have taken me with him.
4. If you had arrived a little earlier, you (find) me there.
5. If you had prepared for the exam more thouroughly, you (get) a better mark.
6. The man (be killed) if the train hadn’t stopped quickly.
7. If I had been in your place, I (not say) this.
8. If he had known that the river was dangerous, he (not try) to swim across it.
9. If he hadn’t lost his spectacles, he (be able) to finish this work in time.
10. I should have called you up yesterday if I (be) in town.


1. You’ll get pneumonia if you (not change) your wet clothes.
2. If she hadn’t changed so much, I (recognize) her.
3. If someone offered to buy you one of those rings, which you (choose)?
4. If you (read) the instructions carefully, you wouldn’t have answered the wrong question.
5. If I had been ready when he called, he (take) me with him.
6. If I (be) you, I should have appologised to her.
7. We (stay) at home if we had known he was coming.
8. They (not believe) me if I told them this.


2. Give sentences with the same meaning omitting «if» from the conditional sentences:

1. If I had time, I should study French.
2. If he should come, tell him to wait.
3. If he were in town, he would help us.
4. If I had enough money, I would travel.
5. If I had seen him yesterday, I should have told him about it.
6. If you should find them, kindly let me know.
7. The accident might not have occured if they had been more careful.
8. If they had called at the office yesterday, they would have found me there.
9. If I were in his place, I should refuse.
10. If you had seen him, you wouldn’t have recognized him.
11. If I were you, I should go there immediately.
12. If anyone should call, please take a message.


3. Translate into English:

1. Якби автомобіль не їхав так швидко, нещасного випадку не сталося б.
2. Якщо він не прийде завтра, надішліть йому телеграму.
3. Якщо я буду там і побачу його, я скажу йому про нові вікна
4. Цього б не сталося, якби ви були там.
5. Йому доведеться піти в лікарню завтра, якщо йому не буде ліпше.
6. Було б дуже люб’язно з вашого боку, якби ви могли це зробити для мене.
7. Чому ви не покликали його? Я певен, що він прийшов би, якби його покликали.
8. Мені потрібно було багато часу, щоб перекласти цю статтю. Якби ви мені дали хороший словник, я б витратив менше часу.
9. Вона б не губила гроші так часто, якби не була такою неуважною.
10. Якби ви сiли на бiльш раннiй поїзд, ми б змогли подорожувати разом.
11. Якби я знав, що він завтра прийде, я б не поїхав сьогодні ввечері до нього.
12. Якби я був певен, що він уже повернувся до Києва, я б поїхав до нього зараз.
13. Якби ви сказали нам кілька днів тому, що у вас є цей довідник, ми б попросили вас дати нам його на певний час.
14. Якби я знав його адресу, я б написав йому зараз, щo ви згодні допомогти йому.
15. Куди б ви пішли, якби були зараз вільні?


a) 1. will telephone  2. isn’t working  3. hears  4. will land  5. don’t know 6. works  7. won’t be 8. stay  9. stops 10. comes  11. don’t believe  12. have.
b) 1. should keep  2. didn’t live 3. didn’t come  4. painted 5. were 
6. should walk  7. were  8. went  9. taught 10. would answer  11. didn’t belong  12. would type
c) 1. had had  2. should have stopped  3. had been  4. would have
found  5. would have got  6. would have been killed  7. shouldn’t have said
8. wouldn’t have tried  9. would have been able to finish 10. had been.
d) 1. don’t change 2. would have recognized  3. would you choose
4. had read  5. would have taken  6. were 7. should have stayed  8. wouldn’t believe


1. Had I time, I should study French.
2. Should he come, tell him to wait.
3. Were he in town, he would help us.
4. Had I enough money, I would travel.
5. Had I seen him yesterday, I should have told him about it.
6. Should you find them, kindly let me know.
7. The accident might not have occured had they been more careful.
8. Had they called at the office yesterday, they would have found me there.
9. Were I in his place, I should refuse.
10. Had you seen him, you wouldn’t have recognized him.
11. Were I you, I should go there immediately.
12. Should anyone call, please take a message.


1. If the car hadn’t driven so fast, an accident wouldn’t have happened.
2. If he doesn’t come tomorrow, send him a telegram.
3. If I am there and see him, I’ll tell him about new windowa.
4. It wouldn’t have happened if you had been there.
5. He’ll have to go to hospital tomorrow if he is not better.
6. It would be very kind of you if you could do it for me.
7. Why didn’t you call him? I am sure that he would have come if you had called him.
8. It took me a lot of time to translate this article. If you had given me a good dictionary, I should have spent less time. 9. She wouldn’t lose money so often if she were not so careless.
10. If you had cought the earlier train we could have travelled together.
11. If I knew that he would come tomorrow, I souldn’t go to see him tonight.
12. If I were sure that he had already returned to Kyiv, I should go to see him now.
13. If you had told us a few days ago that you had this handbook, we should have asked you to give it to us for a few days.
14. If I knew his address, I should write to him now that you agreed to help him.