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1. Fill in the blanks with little, a little, few, a few.

1. I'd like to make___remarks in connection with the topic under discussion.

2.___peopJe realize how important it is to go in for sports.

3. This student has deep knowledge in English and besides he knows___ French.

4. He is a man of.___words.

5. Only___names remained in his memory,

for this accident happened more than 20 years ago.

6. That lecture was so difficult that only___students could understand it.

7.1 had ___ hope of getting home tonight because I realized that I had lost my way.

8. The postman doesn't often come here. We receive___letters.

9. I'm having___trouble fixing this shelf. — Oh dear! Can I help you?

10.1 shall be away for___.days from tomorrow.

11. When you've wanted something very badly and it comes at last, it is somehow ___ frightening.

12. It was a cold windy evening, and there were___people in the park.

13. There were no doctors for the wounded, and to make things worse there was only ___ food


14. She asked permission to speak to the guest for___moments.

15.1 won't listen to you! I'd like to believe that there is___ hope left.


1) a few; 2) few; 3) a little; 4) few; 5) a few; 6) a few; 7) little; 8) few; 9) a little; 10) a few; 11) a
little; 12) few; 13) a little; 14) a few; 15) a little





2. Paraphrase the following sentences using the words from the box.

Few, a few, quite a few, little, a little

1. Only some pupils wrote the test.

2. A small number of people live to be 80 in Russia.

3.1 have not much time for studying.

4. He had a considerable number of mistakes in his dictation.

5. She has got some time to prepare for the report.



1. Only a few pupils wrote the test. 2. Few people live to be 80 in Russia. 3.1 have little time for
studying. 4. He had quite a few mistakes in his dictation. 5. She has got a little time to prepare
for the report.




3. Translate into English using little, a little, few, a few.

1. Джим вчора попросив мене починають (repair) машину, але у мене було мало часу, і мені довелося

відмовити йому.

2. Вона дуже соромлива (shy). У неї мало подруг.

3. У залі було досить багато людей, так як фільм був цікавий.

4. У мене є кілька книг з цієї проблеми.

5. У нас немає цукру. Купи трохи по дорозі додому.

6. Мало хто зрозумів, що він хоче сказати.

7. Я випив трохи кави і зміг працювати до опівночі.

8. В його перекладі було мало помилок.

9. Вони підійшли до невеликої селі; в ній було кілька будинків.

10. У них залишалося небагато часу до початку вистави, і вони вирішили піти перекусити (have a bite).

11. Не думаю, що він буде хорошим керівником. У нього мало терпіння.

12. У нас було мало грошей, тому ми вирішили поїхати автобусом,

18. Досить багато друзів прийшли відвідати його.

14. У нього не вистачає кілька доларів, щоб купити цю картину.

15. Ти можеш взяти кілька цукерок.


1. Yesterday Jim asked me to repair his car, but I had little time and I had to refuse him.
2. She is  very shy. She has few friends.
3. There were quite a few people in the hall, because the  film  was  interesting.
4.1 have a few books on this problem.
5. We have no sugar. Buy a little on your way home.
6. Few people understood what he wanted to say.
7.1 drank a little coffee and  was able to work till midnight.
8. There were few mistakes in his translation.
9. They reached a small village; there were a few houses there.
10. They had a little time before the beginning of the performance, and they decided to have a bite.
11. I don't think he will be a good chief. He has little patience.
12. We had little money so we decided to go by bus.
13. Quite a few friends came to visit him.
14. He doesn't have a few dollars to buy the picture.
15. You can take a few sweets.