ПОРІВНЯННЯ ЧАСІВ - Future Simple & Present Continuous (ВПРАВИ З ВІДПОВІДЯМИ)

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1. Open the brackets and use either the Future Indefinite or the Present Continuous Tense.

1. I've bought a typewriter, I (learn) to type.
2. No, I (not eat) meat any more. I am a vegetarian.
3. What's wrong? — I've got a flat tyre. — No problem. I (help) you.
4. I (punish) you if you continue doing it.
5. The forecast says it (rain).
6. You (air) the room? — Certainly-
7. Nick, my TV set is again out of order. — O.K. I (fix) it.
8. I suppose he (come).
9. He (help) you if you ask him.
10. What you (do) this evening?
11. He (be) busy tomorrow. He (sendee) his car.
12. Lucy (not go) anywhere this summer. Her son (go) to college.
13. Ann is very angry with him. I am afraid she (not stay) here another minute.
14. I (give) you another piece of cake? — No, thanks, that (do).
15. You (help) me with this bag?
16. I (send) the letter?
17. I am afraid, it (be) difficult for you to stay there so long.
18. Where we (meet)? Victoria Station (be) all right?
19. In the 21st century people (fly) to Mars and other planets.
20. I (go) to the country for the weekend. — I (go) with you,
21. You (turn down) the radio, please?



1) am learning;
2) won't/shan't eat;
3) will help;
4) will/shall punish;
5) will rain;
6) will ... air;
7) will/ shall fix;
8) will come;
9) will help;
10) are ... doing;
11) will be, is servicing;
12) is not going, is going;
13) will not stay;
14) shall... give, will do;
15) will... help;
16) shall ... send;
17) will be;
18) shall... meet, will... be;
19) will fly;
20) am going, will/shall go;
21) will... turn down



2.  Open the brackets and put the Future or the Present Indefinite Tense.

1. I (accompany) you with pleasure as soon as I (finish) my report.
2. The performance (be) a great success if he (play) the leading role.
3. If this time (be) convenient for you, we (meet) tomorrow.
4. We (not complete) the work this week in case he (get) ill.
5. We (not start) till he (arrive). 6. Provided he (leave) now, he (miss) the rush hour.
7. We (not be able) to carry out the experiment unless he (help) us.
8. You may take my dictionary as long as you (give) it back on Friday.
9. As soon as he (return) from the beach, we (have) dinner.
10. I (phone) you when she (come).
11. Providing that he (work) hard, he will finish his work on Thursday.
12. She has two keys in her bag in case she (lose) one.
13. Unless he (come), we (not go) to the country.
14. He (remind) you of your promise in case you (forget) it.
15. As soon as the lake (get frozen), she (go skating).
16. When you (turn) on the right, you (see) an old oak.
17. If she (keep) her promise, they (be) rich.
18. Unless you (look) at the picture at some distance, you (not see) the details.
19. Providing that nothing (happen), I (return) in two weeks.
20. If the wind (blow) from the west, it (rain).
21. If you (get) there before me, wait till I (come).
22. Provided all (go) well, I (graduate) in June.
23. He (not go) for a walk until he (do) his lessons.
24. He (not catch) the train unless he (leave) immediately.
25. We (not wait) till he (make up his mind).

1) will accompany, finish;
2) will be, plays;
3) is, will meet;
4) won't complete, gets;
5) will not
start, arrives;
6) leaves, will miss;
7) will not be able, helps;
8) give; 9) returns, will have;
10) will phone, comes;
11) works, will finish;
12) loses;
13) comes, will not go;
14) will remind, forget;
15) gets frozen, will go skating;
16) turn, will see;
17) keeps, will be;
18) look, won't see;
19) happens, will return;
20) blows, will rain;
21) get, come;
22) goes, will graduate;
23) will not go, does;
24) will not catch, leaves;
25) will not wait, makes up his mind




3. Open the brackets and use the proper tense, either the Future or the Present Indefinite paying

attention to when and if.

1. Well go swimming if it (be) a nice day tomorrow.

2. I wonder if it (rain) tomorrow.

3. You'll get wet if you (not take) an umbrella.

4. I don't know when he (come back),

5. I doubt if he (join) us. He is very busy.

6. She will serve the table when he (come).

7. I'll be grateful to you if you (lend) me this sum of money.

8. I am not sure if he (follow) my advice.

9. I wonder if I (solve) this problem without anybody's help.

10. He supposes that they will buy the house if it (be) in good condition.

11. I am sure that when he (come) he will apologize for his rudeness.

12. I wonder if you (invite) the Browns if they (be) here on Sunday?

13. It's hard to say if she (find out) everything.

14 I don't know when she (go) to see them.

15. We will discuss the terms of the contract when he (come).

16. I will not deal with him if he (be) so stubborn!

1) is;
2) will rain;
3) don't take;
4) will come back;
5) will join;
6) comes;
7) lend;
8) will follow;
9) will solve;
10) is;
11) comes;
12) will invite, are;
13) will find out;
14) will go;
15) comes;
16) is

4. Translate from Russian into English.

1. Пітер зазвичай робить домашні завдання перед вечерею.

2. Чому ти йдеш так швидко? - Я боюся спізнитися (miss) на поїзд. Зазвичай я виходжу з дому

раніше і йду повільно.

3. Які нові предмети студента вивчають в цьому році?

4. Чому він сьогодні такою турботливий? Дивно, зазвичай він веде себе по-іншому.

5. Містер Томпсон зараз живе в Празі. - Що він там робить? - Він викладає англійську.

6. Сегодня йде сніг. Зазвичай зима тут тепла, і сніг йде рідко.

7. Я не можу більше з вами розмовляти. Почому ви завжди критикуєте (criticize) все, що я роблю?

8. Що з тобою? Ти дуже бліда. Як ти себе почуваєш? - У мене сильно болить голова.

9. Коли вони  улітають в Нью-Йорк? - На наступному тижні.

10. Що ти робиш? Навіщо ти кладеш сіль у каву?

11. Зараз криза, і ціни ростуть дуже швидко.

12. Як смачно пахне кавою! Зроби мені чашечку, тільки без цукру.




1. Peter usually does homework before supper.
2. Why are you walking so fast? — I am afraid of missing the train. I always leave home earlier and walk slowly.
3. What new subjects are the students taking this year?
4. Why is he being so careful today? It's strange, he is not usually like this.
5. Mr. Thompson is living in Prague now. — What is he doing there? — He is teaching English.
6. It is snowing today. Winter is usually warm here and it does not often snow.
7. І can't speak to you any longer. Why are you always criticizing all I do?
8. What's the matter with you? You are looking rather pale. How are you feeling? — I've got a bad headache.
9. When are they flying for New York? — Next week.
10. What are you doing? Why are you putting salt into your coffee?
11. Now it is a crisis and prices are rising very fast.
12. How delicious the coffee smells! Make me a cup, please, only without sugar.