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Subjunctive Mood. Conditional Sentences.








Доповніть речення потрібним варіантом:



1 'Where is my bank book?'

'If the drawer, you'll find it.'
A   had looked   
В   look    
С   looked

2 'Can I go and play football, please, Mum?'

'If you........your homework, you can go and play.'
A   finished        
В   had finished    
С   have finished

3 'Dad shouted at me today.'

'Well, if you.......... the window, he wouldn't have shouted at you.'
A   didn't break
В   hadn't broken
С   don't break

4 'When ice melts, it.........water.'

'Everyone knows that!'
A   becomes      
В   will become    
С   would become

5 'I'm going to a party tonight.'

'If I weren't ill, I..........with you.
A   come    
В   will come
С   would come

6 'If I were rich, I............around the world.'

'Perhaps you will one day.'
A   will sail    
В   can sail    
С   could sail

7 'Have you seen Daniel recently?'

'No. If I have time, I.............him tomorrow.'
A   would visit    
В   might visit       
С   visit

8 'Paul lost his watch.'

'Well, if he had looked after it,'
A   wouldn't lose  
В   won't lose 
С   wouldn't have lost

9 'If you hadn't watched that film, you..............nightmares.'

'You're right.'
A   wouldn't have had   
В   won't have   
С   don't have

10 'I can't find my wallet.'

'If I were you, I ...... in my jacket pocket.'
A   would look   
В   will look    
С   am looking


  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. C
  6. C
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. A