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Exercise 1


Here you see some collective nouns:

sheep and birds — flock,

dogs and wolves — pack,

sportsmen and other players — team,

people in the church — congregation,

a lot of books — library, soldiers —

a company (a regiment, an army),

flowers or keys — bunch,

insects — swarm,

men, who work on a boat or a ship — crew,

cattle (cows, bulls, antilopes) — herd,

a lot of people in the street — crowd,

battleships — fleet or navy,

people, watching or listening to smth. — an audience,

rulers of the country — government,

people, chosen to direct some work — committee,

teachers, doctors and officials — staff,

sticks and dirty laundry — bundle,

relations between people — family,

people of the same origin — race,

nations under one ruler — empire,

fish — shoal, criminals — gang.

Give a collective noun for each of the following:

1) a large number of insects;

2) people who are the members of one church;

3) a number of cows, bulls or elephants;

4) a number of birds;

5) a number of sheep;

6) people playing football as one body;

7) a number of flowers or keys;

8) a number of sticks;

9) a lot of dirty laundry;

10) a number of battleships;

11) people work on board the ship;

12) people who work together at school;

13) a number of books;

14) a number of bees;

15) a number of spectators;

16) a number of soldiers;

17) a lot of wolves;

18) a lot of fish.






1) swarm; 2) congregation; 3) herd; 4) flock; 5) flock; 6) team; 7) bunch; 8) bundle; 9) bundle; 10) fleet; 11) crew; 12) staff; 13) library; 14) swarm; 15) audience; 16) army; 17) pack; 18) shoal.







Exercise 2


Here you see some more collective nouns:

herd — elephants, cows or bulls;

school — sharks; town — prairie dogs;

covey — quails (перепілки); gaggle — geese;

raft — ducks; mob — kangaroos;

harem — seals;

pride — lions; pod — whales;

knot — toads; litter — foxes;

colony — termites;

troop — baboons;

fish — run.




Translate the expressions in the gaps into English:


1. Looking out of the window of our car we saw a (стадо) of ele-phants standing peacefully near the road.

2. A (Стадо) of seals was sleeping on the rocks.

3. Soon a big (зграя) of sharks gathered near the sunken ship.

4. A (Зграя) of prairie dogs was following the antelope.

5. We saw five lion cubs born in the (лев’ячій сім’ї).

6. The scientists had been researching the life of the (стада китів) for a year.

7. The tourists who trained diving saw a bright (зграйку) of fish near a big rock.

8. (Косяк) of wild geese was flying high up in the sky.

9. A (Сім’я) of baboons was usually sitting on a big branch of a huge tree.

10. A (Лисяча сім’я) was eating ducks when we saw them.





1) herd; 2) harem; 3) school; 4) town; 5) pride; 6) pod; 7) run; 8) gaggle; 9) troop; 10) litter.