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1. 145 _____ live in the Russian Federation.

a. millions people

b. millions of people

с. million of people

d. million people

2. _____ are starving in the world today.

a. Thousands people

b. Thousands of people

3. You are _____ who asks me this stupid question.

a. fifth

b. the fiveth

с. the fifth

d. five

4. Two _____ of my income I spend on my pet’s food.

a. twelve

b. twelfth

с. twelves

d. twelfths

5. Every _____ person in our company is not satisfied with his salary.

a. three

b. the third

с. third

6. Ok! See you on _____ of April.

a. the twentyth-seventh

b. twenty-seven

с. the twenty-seventh

7. It is _____ hit. I like such songs.

a. his the third

b. his third

с. the third his

8. _____ of the territory is covered with ice.

a. one thirds

b. one third

9. This bouquet costs _____ dollars!

a. two hundreds

b. two hundred

с. two hundred of

10. Two thirds of my work _____ dedicated to the theory of the subject.

a. are

b. is

11. Two _____ two is four.

a. on

b. to

с. by

12. I need _____ of your annual turnover.

a. three-nineths

b. three-ninths

с. three-nine

13. So, this will be two _____ five.

a. point

b. comma

14. _____ can save the situation.

a. ten percent

b. ten percents

15. A fortnight means _____ weeks.

a. two

b. three

с. four

16. _____ we need to think this problem over.

a. the first of all

b. first of all

17. Have you ever experienced love _____ ?

a. first sight

b. at the first sight

с. at first sight

18. The length of this avenue is 5 kilometers _____ four hundred _____ fifty meters.

a. and ... and

b. and ...

с. ... and

19. I wonder what the world will be at the end of _____ century?

a. twenty one

b. the twentieth-first

с. the twenty-first

20. Personally, I prefer music of _____ .

a. nineteen seventys

b. the nineteen seventies

с. the nineteen seventeens



1 d, 2 b, 3 c , 4 d, 5 c, 6 c, 7 b, 8 b, 9 b, 10 a, 

11 c, 12 b, 13 a, 14 a, 15 a, 16 b, 17 c, 18 c, 19 c, 20 b.