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Предлагаю для любителей авторских украшений из натуральных камней каталог моих работ

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1. He goes to his guitar lessons....

A.  by underground

B.  on underground

C.  with underground

D.  in underground

2. We haven’t got ..... Champagne

A.  a lot

B.  little

C.  too

D.  much


A.  Where playing Real Madrid?

B.  Where is playing Real Madrid?

C.  Where is Real Madrid playing?

D.  Where playing is Real Madrid?

4. I wanted an orange car, but they only had .....

A.  a one red

B.  one red

C.  a red one.

D.  a red.

5. Have you...?

A.  got any friends in Barcelona

B.  not got no friends in Barcelona

C.  in Barcelona any friends

D.  friends in Barcelona got

6. There is .......... of beer left from the party

A.  little

B.  much

C.  a lot

D.  too

7. Michael.........Paris in the morning

A.  to leaving

B.  leaves for

C.  is leaving for

D.  leave to

8. She has her German classes ……

A.  in Tuesday mornings

B.  at Tuesday mornings

C.  by Tuesday mornings

D.  on Tuesday mornings

9. Which pen do you want?

A.  A one blue

B.  One blue


D.  The blue one.


A.  Arrives Philip late never.

B.  Late,Philip never arrives

C.  Philip arrives late never

D.  Philip never arrives late.

11. He says he's been robbed. He can't find his wallet............

A.  not anywhere.

B.  nowhere.

C.  anywhere.

D.  somewhere.

12. ..... orange juice in the fridge.

A.  There isn’t no

B.  There is any

C.  There isn’t any

D.  There aren’t no


A.  What’s like the weather?

B.  How’s the weather?

C.  What’s the weather like?

D.  How the weather is?

14. Mark ..... fly to London tomorrow.

A.  to going

B.  goes to

C.  is going to

D.  go to

15. John is the manager, you need to speak to …..

A.  it

B.  him

C.  her

D.  them

16. He …….. breakfast yesterday

A.  hadn’t

B.  no had

C.  didn’t have got

D.  didn’t have

17. I’ve lost my keys. I can’t find them .....

A.  anywhere.

B.  nowhere.

C.  everywhere.

D.  somewhere.

18. There ..... hooligans at the match, for a change.

A.  were no

B.  weren't no

C.  were any

D.  were not

19. Don’t start ..... That's for babies!

A.  to crying!

B.  crying!

C.  cry!

D.  in crying!

20. He works for the Bank, .....?

A.  doesn’t he?

B.  does he?

C.  isn’t he?

D.  didn’t he?

21. Have you finished the shopping ..… ?

A.  already

B.  still

C.  now

D.  yet

22. Tom is ..... Elizabeth how to copy it right now.

A.  telling

B.  saying

C.  saying to

D.  telling to

23. We've been living in the new house...just over a year ago.

A.  at

B.  ______

C.  for

D.  since

24. I'm really looking forward ..... this exercise

A.  to finish

B.  finishing

C.  finish

D.  to finishing

25. Don’t start ..... to me about it.You know I don't care.

A.  to complaining

B.  complaining

C.  complain

D.  in complain


A.  I told him that he come home at once .

B.  I told he come home at once.

C.  I told him to come home at once..

D.  I itold,'come home at once!'

27. If I didn't have to work, I …….. the beach.

A.  will move to

B.  have moved to

C.  would move to

D.  would have moved to

28. There ..... spectators at the match.

A.  were no

B.  weren't no

C.  were any

D.  were not

29. The kitchen can’t be dirty he .....

A.  is just clean it.

B.  have just cleaned it.

C.  just clean it.

D.  has just cleaned it.

30. Don’t start .....

A.  to shouting!

B.  shouting!

C.  shout!

D.  in shouting!

31. He works at the theatre, .....?

A.  doesn’t he?

B.  does he?

C.  isn’t he?

D.  didn’t he?


A.  I told her what she closed the window.

B.  I told her to close the window.

C.  I told she close the window.

D.  I told her that she close the window.

33. If I won the lottery, I …….. a house in the country.

A.  will buy

B.  have bought

C.  would buy

D.  would have bought

34. “..... have you been waiting?” “Only a few minutes”

A.  How long

B.  How long time

C.  What time

D.  For how long

35. His wedding is the ….. of my problems! What about my car bills? .

A.  fewer

B.  less

C.  last

D.  least

36. I wouldn’t mind .....the baby tonight.

A.  to look after

B.  look after

C.  looking after

D.  to looking after

37. Don’t forget ..... the rubbish.

A.  to put out

B.  putting out

C.  to putting out

D.  put out

38. What have I done with my wallet? I don't anywhere last night.

A.  to see

B.  saw

C.  did see

D.  seeing

39. The letter ..... yesterday, but I don't know for sure.

A.  may arrive

B.  might arrived

C.  should arrive

D.  may have arrived

40. ..... is it from Istanbul to Bagdad?

A.  How much distance

B.  How long

C.  How far

D.  How many

41. In the beginning the street was noisy, but now

A.  used to

B.  used

C.  am used to

D.  would

42. Thanks for remembering my birthday, but you........bought me a present.

A.  shouldn't have

B.  haven’t

C.  mustn't

D.  have had to

43. I can't say for sure, but I think she......back to Mexico.

A.  may gone

B.  might gone

C.  should to go

D.  may have gone

44. This is the cat ..... I saw.

A.  whom

B.  _____

C.  what

D.  who

45. ..... is it from Barcelona to Madrid?

A.  How far

B.  How long

C.  How much distance

D.  How many

46. Don’t forget ..... those letters.

A.  to post

B.  posting

C.  to posting

D.  post

47. Where have you put my keys? I clearly remember ..... them on the table last night.

A.  to leave

B.  left

C.  did leave

D.  leaving

48. That was a great match. I’ll never forget ..... Revaldo score that goal.

A.  see

B.  to see

C.  seeing

D.  seen

49. I thought you .....

A.  will come to the party.

B.  were coming to the party.

C.  come to the party.

D.  have come to the party.

50. They ..... last night, but I’m not sure.

A.  may come

B.  might come

C.  should come

D.  may have come

51. We ..... better hurry up or we’ll be late.

A.  would

B.  should

C.  had

D.  ought

52. As I didn't have time to do my hair myself, the hairdresser's

A.  had it done

B.  had it did

C.  did it did

D.  had done it

53. I wish I ..... a million dollars, I'm tired of being poor.

A.  have

B.  would have

C.  had

D.  had had

54. … telling me these lies, because you know I don't believe you.

A.  There is no use

B.  It is no point

C.  It is no use

D.  It is usefulness

55. What an amazing holiday! We should have done this...

A.  years back

B.  for years

C.  since years

D.  in years

56. By this time tomorrow I ….. my tooth out, and no more pain!.

A.  will have

B.  will have had

C.  are having

D.  will had had

57. Although it was very late, she..... book two tickets to Greece

A.  should

B.  can

C.  was able to

D.  would can

58. If I ....... going to enter the competition, I would have done by now.

A.  am

B.  were

C.  would be

D.  would been


A.  The bride wore a dark cream velvet dress.

B.  The bride wore a dark dress in cream velvet.

C.  The bride wore a cream dark velvet dress.

D.  The bride wore a dark velvet cream dress.

60. My mother was expecting me on Friday, but.... I was arriving on Thursday

A.  little did she know

B.  little known

C.  little he knew

D.  little knowing

61. What a shame you didn't meet James. You ...........him.

A.  would like

B.  had liked

C.  would have liked

D.  will like

62. Let’s go for a walk in the mountains, ……

A.  don’t we?

B.  let us?

C.  shall we?

D.  will we?

63. Not mentioning anyone.... , but who left the door open all night?

A.  especially

B.  specially

C.  in particular

D.  himself

64. She worked hard yesterday and ..... type all the letters.

A.  was able to

B.  can

C.  could

D.  would can


A.  Ask her when will be ready the food.

B.  Ask her when will be the food ready.

C.  Ask her when the food will be ready.

D.  Ask her when will the food ready be.


A.  That’s a brown, attractive leather coat.

B.  That’s a brown leather coat attractive.

C.  That’s an attractive leather brown coat.

D.  That’s an attractive brown leather coat.

67. ….. but I realised what he had done

A.  Little did he know

B.  Little known

C.  Little he knew

D.  Little knowing

68. By this time tomorrow we ….. the meeting.

A.  will have

B.  will have had

C.  are having

D.  will had had





  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. C
  5. A
  6. C
  7. C
  8. D
  9. D
  10. D
  11. C
  12. C
  13. C
  14. C
  15. B
  16. D
  17. A
  18. A
  19. B
  20. A
  21. D
  22. A
  23. D
  24. D
  25. B
  26. C
  27. C
  28. A
  29. D
  30. B
  31. A
  32. B
  33. C
  34. A
  35. D
  36. C
  37. A
  38. D
  39. D
  40. C
  41. C
  42. A
  43. D
  44. B
  45. A
  46. A
  47. D
  48. C
  49. B
  50. D
  51. C
  52. A
  53. C
  54. A
  55. A
  56. B
  57. C
  58. B
  59. A
  60. A
  61. C
  62. C
  63. C
  64. A
  65. C
  66. D
  67. A
  68. B