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1. Past Tense - Regular Verbs

1.            I              (walk) to work last week.

2.            He          (study) computers for five years.

3.            They      (arrive) late for the party.

4.            We         (marry) in a church.

5.            It             (end) at 6 pm.

6.            Ellen      (wait) for an hour.

7.            You        (like) the movie. I didn't.

8.            Bob        (need) that book yesterday.

9.            They      (use) my new pen.

10.          The teacher       (help) the students after class.




The answers are:




2. Past Simple Tense - Negative

Type the negative in the boxes below.

eg. I spoke to Alice but I didn't speak to Robert.


1.            They swam on Saturday but they __________ on Sunday.

2.            I went to work on Monday but I __________ to work on Tuesday.

3.            He bought a new car. He __________ a second-hand car.

4.            She learnt French in high school. She __________ French in primary school.

5.            We got up early this morning. We __________ early yesterday.

6.            They did Science at school but they __________ Science at University.

7.            He slept well last night but he __________ well the night before.

8.            I ate spaghetti for dinner but I __________ anything for lunch.

9.            You saw Helen but you __________ Celia.

10.          They lived in Fairfield. They __________ in Cabramatta.





The answers are:
1.            didn't swim
2.            didn't go
3.            didn't buy
4.            didn't learn
5.            didn't get up
6.            didnt do
7.            didn't sleep
8.            didn't eat
9.            didn't see
10.          didn't live




3. Past Simple Tense - Questions

Change the sentences below into questions.

eg. He went to the market yesterday.

Did he go to the market yesterday?


1.            They saw the movie last week. __________ the movie last week?

2.            Anna wrote him a letter. __________ him a letter?

3.            George and Ilsa had dinner at the Maya Restaurant on Friday. __________ dinner at the Maya Restaurant on Friday?

4.            They got up at 7 o'clock to go to work early. __________ at 7 o'clock to go to work early?

5.            He bought a new car last year. __________ a new car last year?

6.            I arrived late for class. __________ late for class?

7.            It rained all night? __________ all night?

8.            We sat near the front. __________ near the front?

9.            He walked to work yesterday. __________  to work yesterday?

10.          She spoke to him about that. __________ to him about that?



The answers are:
1.            Did they see
2.            Did Anna write
3.            Did George and Ilsa have
4.            Did they get up
5.            Did he buy
6.            Did I arrive
7.            Did it rain
8.            Did we sit
9.            Did he walk
10.          Did she speak




4. Past Simple Tense - "Wh" Questions

Make questions using the "wh" words below.

When   How      Who      What     Why

eg. I saw someone.

Who did you see?


1.            They wanted to see Fiona. __________  did they want to see?

2.            I got up at 7 o'clock. __________  time did you get up?

3.            She paid $10. __________ much did she pay?

4.            He didn't like the movie. __________ didn't he like the movie?

5.            We had dinner. __________ did you have for dinner?

6.            The meeting finished late. __________ time did the meeting finish?

7.            I ate an apple pie? __________  kind of pie did you eat?

8.            I played tennis last week. __________ did you play tennis?

9.            They wrote to Ellen. __________ did they write to?

10.          I didn't eat the chicken. __________ didn't you eat the chicken?




The answers are:
1.            Who
2.            What
3.            How
4.            Why
5.            What
6.            What
7.            What
8.            When
9.            Who
10.          Why