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Put the correct word (TOO or ENOUGH)



  1. She cann`t be a model. She isn`t  slim ____________________(enough, too).
  2. They don`t like lard. They think it is __________________ fat to eat (enough, too).
  3. He wants to run a marathon but I don`t think he is ready _________________( enough, too).
  4. This car is very speedy but I am not sure he is professional ___________________to drive it (enough, too).
  5. It is warm _____________outside (enough, too). So, don`t put your hat on.
  6. Do they have ________________money to buy this flat? (enough, too).
  7. Mum cooked ___________________food to feed all the guests (enough, too).
  8. I need to move this fridge closer to the window but I am not strong ___________________(enough, too) to do it.
  9. The room is _______________small for three of us (enough, too).
  10. This young man is  tall ___________________(enough, too) to play basketball.
  11. They have learnt _________________(enough, too) to pass this test successfully.
  12. These tickets are ________________expensive (enough, too) for us. We can`t allow them.
  13. Have you _____________time to finish this project (enough, too)?
  14. There are ____________ much sugar in this cake (enough, too). It is very sweet.
  15. Your house is big _____________(enough, too) to have a party.
  16. The sea is warm __________________(enough, too) to swim in.





  1. enough
  2. too
  3. enough
  4. enough
  5. enough
  6. enough
  7. enough
  8. enough
  9. too
  10. enough
  11. enough
  12. too
  13. enough
  14. too
  15. enough
  16. enough