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Предлагаю для любителей авторских украшений из натуральных камней каталог моих работ

(Отличное качество и доступные цены. Обновляется каждый день.)




1. Утвори множину іменників.

A class, a box, a bus, a match, a bush, a wish, a loss, a tomato, a princess, an ass, a boss, an ostrich, a brush, a witch, a fox,

a dish, a hero, an address, a glass.

A cry, a lady, a baby, a puppy, a strawberry, a cherry, a reply, a party, a spy, the sky, a city, a country, a lorry, a doggy,

a pop­py, a story, an enemy, a family.

A loaf, a wife, a wolf, a calf, a half, a safe, a shelf, an elf, a roof, a scarf, a thief.


2. Утвори множину іменників.

I have two little (a sister).

They are (a twin).

They have a lot of (a pencil) and (an album).

They like to draw (a house, a tree, a puppy, a kitten, a duck, a chicken and a doll).

My sisters cannot draw (a car, a bus, a tram, a ship and an elephant).

I help them.


My (a grandmother, a grandfather, an aunt, an uncle and a cousin) live in a village.

They have a nice farm. There are a lot of (a cow, a calf, a horse, a pig and a piglet) there.

I like to play with (a rabbit).

They are very funny.


My best friend has three elder (a brother).

They are (a stu dent).

They have a lot of (an interest).

They like to play computer (a game), to see horror (a film), and to collect (a stamp) and toy (a car).

I think their (a hobby) are very interesting.

A post-office, a postman, a post worn an, a kindergarten, a wood­pecker, a dinner-party, a gad-fly, a dragon-fly, a tooth-brush,

a workwoman, a father-in-law, a girl-friend.





1. Classes, boxes, buses, matches, bushes, wishes, losses, to­matoes, princesses, asses, bosses, ostriches, brushes, witches, foxes,
dishes, heroes, addresses, glasses.
Cries, ladies, babies, puppies, berries, cherries, replies, parties, spies, skies, cities, countries, lorries, doggies, poppies, stories,
enemies, families.
Loaves, wives, wolves, calves, halves, safes, shelves, elves, roofs, scarves, thieves.


2. Sisters, twins, pencils, albums, houses, trees, puppies, kittens, ducks, chickens, dolls, cars, buses, trams, ships, elephants.
Grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, cows, calves, horses, pigs, piglets, rabbits.
Brothers, students; interests, games, films, stamps, cars, hobbies.
Post-offices, postmen, post women, kindergartens, woodpeckers, dinner-parties, gad-flies, dragon-flies, tooth-brushes, work­women,
fathers-in-law, girl-friends.