1. Перекладіть на англійську.


1) Чи є комп'ютери у вашій школі?
2) Чи є телевізор у вашій школі?
3) Чи є бібліотека у вашій школі?
4) Чи є їдальня у вашій школі?
5) Чи є спортивний зал у вашій школі?
6) Чи є картини на стінах у вашому класі?
7) Чи є дошки у вашому класі?
8) Чи є книжкові шафи у вашому класі?
9) Чи є квіти у вашому класі?
10) Чи є майданчик у вашій школі?


1)   Are there computers in your school?
2)   Are there TV-sets in your school?
3)   Is there a library in your school?
4)   Is there a canteen in your school?
5)   Is there a gym-hall in your school?
6)   Are there pictures on the walls of your classroom?
7)   Is there a blackboard in your classroom?
8)   Are there bookcases in your classroom?
9)   Are there flowers in your classroom?
10) Is there a playground at your school?





2. Заповни пропуски зворотами There are/There is.

  1. _______ a letter on your desk.
  2. _______ no water on the moon.
  3. _______ aeroplanes in the sky.
  4. _______ ships in the sea.
  5. _______ no birds in the tree.
  6. _______ a swimming-pool in our school.



1) There is; 2) There is; 3) There are; 4) There are; 5) There are; 6) There is.






3. Розташуй подані слова так, щоб скпасти питальні речения і короткі відповіді.

1) dogs/how many /there /are/ in the yard/?/two/are/there/.

2) are/ there /how many/in the cage/tigers/? /two/ are/ there/.

3) men/how many /there/in the car/are/?/one/is/there/.

4)  boys/there/how many/are/in the gym/?/three/are/there/.

5) windows/are/there/in   your   room/how   many/?/one/is/ there/.

6) rooms/in your flat/there/how many/are/?/three/are/there/.





1) How many dogs are there in the yard? There are two.
2) How many tigers are there in the cage? There are two.
3) How many men are there in the car? There is one.
4) How many boys are there in the gym? There are three.
5) How many windows are there in your room? There is one.
6) How many rooms are there in your flat? There are three.





4. Склади з поданих слів питальні речення і короткі відповіді до них.

1)    many foxes/are/in our forests/there/?/there/yes/are/.

2)    a school/there/is/in our street/?/is/yes/there/.

3)    posters/there/are/in your room/?/yes/are/there.

4)    a map/there/on the wall/is/?/is/yes/there/.

5)    an angry big dog/there/in the yard/is/?/no/is/there/not/.

6)    books/on the shelf/there/are/?/no/are/there/not/.







1. Are there many foxes in our forests? Yes, there are.
2. Is there a school in our street? Yes, there is.
3. Are there posters in your room? Yes, there are.
4. Is there a map on the wall? Yes, there is.
5. Is there an angry big dog in the yard? No, there is not.
6. Are there books on the shelf? No, there are not.