1. Утвори ступені порівняння простих прикметників.

- Hard, warm, cold, long, short, light, dark, old. Hard, важкий

- Hot, wet, thin, red, fat, dim, sad.

- Fine, ripe, noble, gentle, late, large, brave, safe, white.

- Wise, wide, thin, fat, large, silly, lazy, crazy, old, bad, little, hard, safe, good, great, dark, dirty, clean, sweet, sad, fast, happy,

gentle, pretty.




Harder, warmer, colder, longer, shorter, lighter, darker, older.
Hotter, wetter, thinner, redder, fatter, dimmer, sadder.
Finer, riper, nobler, gentler, later, larger, braver, safer, whiter.
Wiser, wisest; wider, widest; thinner, thinnest; fatter, fattest; larger, largest; sillier, silliest; lazier, laziest; crazier, craziest; older (elder), oldest (eldest); worse, worst; less, least; harder, hardest; dark, darkest; dirtier, dirtiest; cleaner, cleanest; sweeter, sweetest; sadder, saddest; faster, fastest; happier, happiest; gentler, gentlest; prettier, prettiest.




2. Напиши подані прикметники в звичайному ступені.

Best, funniest, saltiest, most, sharpest, worse, silliest, finest, lightest, happiest, eldest, oldest, biggest, darkest, hottest, sweetest,

dirtiest, least, farthest.


Good, funny, salty, many (much), sharp, bad, silly, fine, light, happy, old, old, big, dark, hot, sweet, dirty, little, far.



3. Напиши подані прикметники у звичайному ступені.

Shaggier, more attractive, more comfortable, sharper, deeper, hotter, better, less, worse, more dangerous, longer, elder, dirtier,

more beautiful, thinner, braver, farther.


Shaggy, attractive, comfortable, sharp, deep, hot, good, little, bad, dangerous, long, old, dirty, beautiful, thin, brave, far.


4. Утвори порівняльний ступінь прикметників за допомогою — ег або mоге.

Great, frightened, clean, polite, sharp, attractive, famous, deep, dangerous, cold.


Greater, more frightened, cleaner, more polite, sharper, more attractive, more famous, deeper, more dangerous, colder.



5. Утвори найвищий ступінь прикметників за допомогою -еst або most.

Interesting, long, helpless, large, active, amazing, comfortable, great, thin, brave.



The most interesting, the longest, the most helpless, the largest, the most attractive, the most amazing, the most comfortable, the greatest, the thinnest, the bravest.


6. Переклади речення, використовуючи конструкції as ... as (not as/ so ... as).


  1. Я не такий високий, як мій старший брат. (курсы английского языка в Киеве)
  2. Мій старший брат такий же високий, як мій батько.
  3. Моя мама красива, як кінозірка.
  4. Ця дівчинка така ж охайна, як ЇЇ старша сестра.
  5. Мій кіт не такий забавний, як твій папуга.
  6. Ця вправа не така важка, як той текст.
  7. ЦІ поля такі ж зелені, як ті лани.
  8. Цей лев не такий великий, як той тигр.
  9. Наш двір не такий світлий, як двір моеї тітки.




  1. 1) I am not as tall as my elder brother.
  2. 2) My elder brother is so tall as our father.
  3. 3) My mother is as beautiful as a film star.
  4. 4) This girl is as tidy as her elder sister.
  5. 5) My cat is not as funny so as your parrot.
  6. 6) This exercise is not so difficult as that text.
  7. 7) These fields are as green as those fields.
  8. 8) This lion is not so big as that tiger.
  9. 9) Our yard is not so light as my aunt's yard.



7. Перетвори речення з конструкцією not as ... as у речення із спо­лучником than.

Example: Her brother isn't as serious as she,— She is more serious than her brother.

  1. Girls are not as strong as boys.
  2. I am not as weak as my little brother,
  3. My little brother is not as strong as me.
  4. My granny isn't as talkative as her parrot.
  5. I think mothers are not as fast as cheetahs.
  6. I think tulips are not as beautiful as roses,
  7. His dog isn't as friendly as her cat.
  8. A bicycle is not as expensive as a car.
  9. Gorrilas are not as intelligent as men.
  10. Elephants are not as tall as giraffes.
  11. Giraffes are not as strong as elephants.
  12. Tigers are not as fast as cheetahs.
  13. I think mothers are not as strict as fathers.


  1. 1) Boys are stronger than girls.
  2. 2) My little brother is weaker than me.
  3. 3) I am stronger than my little brother.
  4. 4) My granny's parrot is more talkative than she.
  5. 5) I think roses are more beautiful than tulips.
  6. 6) Her cat is more friendly than his dog.
  7. 7) A car is more expensive than a bicycle.
  8. 8) Men are more intelligent than gorillas.
  9. 9) Giraffes are taller than elephants.
  10. 10) Elephants are stronger than giraffes.



8. Порівняй дані предмети, поняття, людей і тварин.

Example: A dog and a puppy, (old, small) — A dog is older than a puppy. A puppy is smaller than a dog,

  1. A lesson and a break, (long, short, noisy)
  2. A clock and a watch, (large, small)
  3. A bicycle and a car, (expensive, cheap, fast, stow)
  4. A tram and a bus. (convenient, cheap, fast, slow)
  5. An apple and a candy, (sweet, juicy, useful)
  6. A lion and a lynx, (dangerous, strong, weak)
  7. A city and a town, (targe, small)
  8. Winter and autumn, (warm, cold, rainy, frosty)
  9. Autumn holidays and winter holidays, (long, merry, short)
  10. A girl and a boy, (strong, weak, talkative, tidy, serious)


  1. 1) A lesson is longer than a break. A break is noisier and shorter than a lesson.
  2. 2) A clock is larger than a watch. A watch is smaller than a clock.
  3. 3) A bicycle is cheaper and glower than a car. A car is faster and more expensive than a bicycle.
  4. 4) A tram is cheaper and slower than a bus. A bus is faster and more expensive than a tram.
  5. 5) An apple is juicier and more useful than a candy. A candy is sweeter than an apple.
  6. 6) A lion is stronger and more dangerous than a lynx. A lynx is weaker than a lion.
  7. 7) A city is larger than a town, A town is smaller than a city.
  8. 8) Winter is colder and frostier than autumn. Autumn is warmer and rainier than winter.
  9. 9) Autumn holidays are shorter than winter holidays. Winter holidays are merrier and longer than autumn holidays.
  10. 10) A girl is smarter and more talkative than a boy. A boy is stronger than a girl.



9. Заповни пропуски.

  1. Moscow is not as ... as Kyiv, Kyiv is ... than Moscow. (old)
  2. Canada isn't as ... as the USA. The USA is ... than Canada. (large)
  3. The Danube is not as ... as the Volga. The Volga is ... than the Danube. (long)
  4. Kilimanjaro is not as ... as Everest. Everest is ... than Kilimanjaro. (high)
  5. Siberia is not as ... as the Antarctic, The Antarctic is ... than Siberia, (cold)
  6. The Indian Ocean is not as ... as the Pacific Ocean, The Pacific Ocean is ... than the Indian Ocean. (deep)
  7. The Red Sea is not so ... as the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is ... than the Red Sea. (salty)
  8. The White Shark is not as ... as the Tiger Shark. The Tiger Shark is ... than the White Shark. (dangerous)
  9. The Elephant Shark is not as ... as the Whale Shark, The Whale Shark is ... than the Elephant Shark. (big)

1) old, older; 2) large, larger; 3) long, longer; 4) high, higher; 5) cold, colder; 6) deep, deeper; 7) salty, saltier; 8) dangerous, more dangerous; 9) big, bigger.



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