1. Склади речення, внбираючи підмети з поданнх у дужках слів.

  1. (He/They/I) does not go to the cinema very often.
  2. (We/Не/She) do not go to school on Sundays.
  3. (They/It/She) do not play football in winter.
  4. (Mike/My parents/Rita) do not like computer games.
  5. (Max/His parents/We) does not live in London.
  6. (Rita/Her brothers/Her dog) do not know this song.
  7. (My dog/My friends /We) does not bite my friends.
  8. (Granny/We/They) does not bake pies on Mondays.
  9. (His uncle /His parents /They) does not speak English.
  10. (I/My little sister/My mum) do not play the piano very well.
  11. (The tiger/Horses/Rabbits) does not eat grass.
  12. (Parrots/He/My classmates) does not like cats.




1) He; 2) We; 3) They; 4) My parents; 5) Max; 6) Her brothers; 7) My dog; 8) Granny; 9) His uncle; 10) I; 11) The tiger; 12) He.




2. Заповни пропуски допоміжними дієсловами do або does.

  1. I  ... not like strong tea.
  2. My brother ... not clean his room every day.
  3. These boys ... not play basketball after classes.
  4. We ... not go to the circus on Sundays.
  5. Rita ... not quarrel with her sister.
  6. I know you ... not like loud music.
  7. She ... not work at weekends.
  8. Kate and Ben ... not go to school by bus.
  9. You ... not write to your penfriend every week.
  10. My granny ... not listen to the radio very often.
  11. They ... not live in Kyiv.
  12. Helen ... not study German at school.





1) do;  2) does;  3) do;  4) do;   5) does;   6) do;   7) does;  8) do; 9) do; 10) does; 11) do; 12) does.



3. Заповни  пропуски  дієсловами  у  потрібній формі.


  1. Dan ... so many mistakes in his English dictations! Ben does not ... many mistakes in his works. (make)
  2. We do not ... to school at weekend. We ... to school from Mondays to Fridays. (go)
  3. Kate does not... TV in the morning. She ... TV in the evening. (watch)
  4. Denys does not ... to his penfriend very often. But he ... to his grandparents every week. (write)
  5. I do not... loud music. But my elder brother ... it very much. (like)
  6. This dog does not... at cats. It ... at cars. (bark)




1) makes, make; 2) go, go; 3) watch, watches; 4) write, writes; 5) like, likes; 6) bark, barks.



4. Вислов незгоду з наступними твердженнями, уживаючи


Nothing of the kind! / t don't agree.  / You shouldn't say so. - Нічого подібного! / Я не згоден. / Ви не повинні так говорити.

Example: You go to work at weekends,— Nothing of the kind! We don't go to work at weekends.


  1. My granny likes loud music.
  2. I clean my room every morning.
  3. The girls play football very well.
  4. Our lessons begin in the evening.
  5. My parents go to the zoo on Sundays.
  6. My cat often sleeps on the floor.
  7. His dog usually barks at his friends.
  8. Victor quarrels with, his friends.
  9. Kate asks a lot of questions.
  10. Teachers like lazy pupils.



1) My granny doesn't like loud music.
2) I don't clean my room every morning.
3) The girls don't play football very well.
4) Our lessons don't begin in the evening.
5) My parents don't go to the zoo on Sundays.
6) My cat doesn't often sleep on the floor.
7) His dog doesn't usually bark at his friends.
8) Victor doesn't quarrel with his friends.
9) Kate doesn't ask many questions.
10) Teachers don't like lazy pupils.





5. Вислов незгоду, уживаючи заперечну форму Present Simple.

Example: Victor plays tennis well, (football) — No, he doesn't. He doesn't play tennis well. He plays football.


  1. Max's cat sleeps on the floor. (on the sofa)
  2. His little sister reads a lot. (plays)
  3. Dan's granny often loses her glasses. (keys)
  4. They go to the theatre every week. (to the cinema)
  5. Her father drives a taxi. (a bus)
  6. Kate studies French at school. (English)
  7. Bohdan's aunt lives in Odessa. (in Poltava)
  8. Dima's grandparents live in a village. (in the town)
  9. Rita's mother works at our post-office. (in a shop)





1) No, it doesn't. It doesn't sleep on the floor It sleeps on the sofa.
2) No, she doesn't. She doesn't read much. She plays a lot.
3) No, she doesn't. She doesn't often lose her glasses. She often loses her keys.
4) No, they don't. They don't go to the theatre every week. They go to the cinema every week.
5) No, he doesn't. He doesn't drive a taxi. He drives a bus.
6) No, she doesn't. She doesn't study French at school. She studies English.
7) No, she doesn't. Bohdan's aunt doesn't live in Odessa. She lives in Poltava.
8) No, they don't. Dirna's grandparents don't live in a village. They live in the town.
9) No, she doesn't. She doesn't work at our post-office. She works in a shop.





6. Перепиши речения, заміняючи підмети словами з дужок.

  1. They work at the hospital. (She)
  2. We don't study at university. (He)
  3. We like music. We often sing songs. (Rita, She)
  4. Rita and Max don't speak French. (Dan)
  5. I do grammar exercises every day. (Victor)
  6. My friends don't play tennis after classes. (Our classmates)
  7. My granny doesn't watch TV in the morning. (I)
  8. I don't walk a lot. I work hard. (My friend, He)
  9. You understand me. (She)
  10. My elder brother speaks English well. (We)




1) She works...; 2) He doesn't study...; 3) Rita likes...; She sings...; 4) Dan doesn't speak...; 5) Victor does...; 6) Our classmates don't play...; 7) I don't watch...; 8) My friend doesn't walk,.,; He works...; 9) She understands me. 10) We speak... .



7. Переклади речення.

  1. Ми не ходимо в школу по неділях.
  2. Моя бабуся не любить гучну музику.
  3. Вони не грають у футбол дуже часто.
  4. ЇЇ маленька сестра не читае книги.
  5. Я не люблю дивитися фільми жахів.
  6. Його собака не любить рибу.
  7. Віктор не прибирає свою кімнату вранці.
  8. Рита не дивиться телевізор увечері.
  9. Сестра Віктора не вчиться в університеті.
  10. Я не розумію вас.
  11. Ми не вивчаемо французьку мову в школі.
  12. Наш учитель не любить ледачих учнів.
  13. Мій кіт ніколи не спить на моему дивані.






1) We don't go to school on Sundays.
2) My granny doesn4 like loud music.
3) They don't play football very often.
4) Her little sister doesn't read books.
5) I don't like to see horror films.
6) His dog doesn't like fish.
7) Victor doesn't clean his room in the morning.
8) Rita doesn't watch TV in the evening.
9) Victor's sister doesn't study at university.
10) I don't understand you.
11) We don't study French in our school.
12) Our teacher doesn't like lazy pupils.
13) My cat never sleeps on my sofa.