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1. Доповни спеціальні запитання відповідними за змістом питальними словами.

Who / Where / Whose / What / How often / When / Which / Whose / How much / How many /  Why


  1. ... lives in that flat? A young doctor lives there.
  2. ... does your brother work? He works at the hospital.
  3. ... dog is that? I think it's my neighbours' pet.
  4. ... do you do after classes? I go home.
  5. ... does Rita play tennis? She plays tennis once a week.
  6. ... do you usually get up? I usually get up at seven,
  7. ... colour do you like best — red, green or yellow? I like yellow.
  8. ...  mother works  in  a shop?  Taras's mother works in a shop.
  9. ... does that cat cost? I don't know. But it's very expensive.
  10. ... girls from your class go to that new computer club on Sundays? I think six.
  11. ... films do you like to see? I like to see films about animals.
  12. ... do you usually do in the evening? I usually read books and watch TV.
  13. ... pets does Max have? He has three pets.
  14. ... do little babies often cry at night? I think they cry be­cause of their teeth.



1) Who; 2) Where; 3) Whose; 4) What; 5) How often; 6) When; 7) Which; 8) Whose; 9) How much; 10) How many; 11) What; 12) What; 13) How many; 14) Why.




2. Заповни пропуски допоміжними дієсловами, де необхідно, і змістовими

дієсловами з дужок.

Example: Who ... Dick and Hank? (to be) — Who are Dick and Hank?

  1. Who ... the boys ... with? (to live)
  2. Where ... Dick and Hank ... ? (to live)
  3. How often ... their parents busy? (to be)
  4. Where ... their grandfather ... ? (to live)
  5. What ... he? {to be)
  6. What ... he ... in his little town? (to have)
  7. How ... Dick and Hank ... their grandfather? (to call)
  8. Who ... to visit the boys every month? (to come)
  9. What ... he often ... with the boys? (to do)
  10. Where ... he also ... them? (to take)
  11. What ... he ... them? (to buy)
  12. What books ... he often ... with him? (to bring)
  13. When ... Grandpa ... the books? (to read)
  14. How ... he ... the books? (to read)
  15. What ... Dick and Hank ... about his reading? (to say)


1) Who do the boys live with?
2) Where do Dick and Hank live?
3) How often are their parents busy?
4) Where does their grandfather live?
5) What is he?
6) What does he have in his little town?
7) How do Dick and Hank call their grandfather?
8) Who comes to visit the boys every month?
9) What does he often do with the boys?
10) Where does he also take them?
11) What does he buy them?
12) What books does he often bring with him?
13) When does Grandpa read the books?
14) How does he read the books?
15) What do Dick and Hank say about his reading?




3. Прочитавши текст "Prohow", переклади запитання.



Prohow lives in a little village in the Asian jungles.
She lives in a large friendly family.
Prohow is ninety years old.
She is very clever, wise and kind.
She likes to look after babies.
There are a lot of flies in the jungles.
They disturb babies.
That's why Prohow takes a branch of a tree and drives the flies away from the babies.
Prohow doesn't like quarrels.
She hates them.
She is very peacefuL
She plays with children every day.
Prohow likes to play hide-and-seek in the jungles.
She always wins the game.
It is very hot in the jungles.
Prohow brings the water and makes a shower for the children.
She has a shower every day, too.
All the children and adults like Prohow very much.
They say that she is the heart of their family.
Guess, who she is!
The answer is: Prohow is the oldest Asian elephant in the world.



  1. Де ж живе Прохау?
  2. Бона живе у великій дружній родині?
  3. Скільки років Прохау?
  4. Що ви знаете про її характер?
  5. Бона любить доглядати за маленькими дітьми?
  6. Що турбує маленьких дітей у джунглях?
  7. Як Прохау відганяе мух від маленьких дітей?
  8. Прохау любить сварки?
  9. Бона спокійна?
  10. Як часто вона грає з дітьми?
  11. Бона любить грати у хованки в джунглях?
  12. Хто завжди перемагає?
  13. У джунглях пекуче?
  14. Навіщо Прохау приносить воду?
  15. Як часто вона приймае душ?
  16. Хто любить Прохау?
  17. Як вони називають Прохау?
  18. Хто така Прохау?
  19. Вона найстаріший азіатський слон у світі?





1) Where does Prohow live?
2) Does she live in a large friendly family?
3) How old is Prohow?
4) What do you know about her character?
5) Does she like to look after babies?
6) What disturbs babies in the jungles?
7) How does Prohow drive the flies away from the babies?
8) Does Prohow like quarrels?
9) Is she peaceful?
10) How often does she play with the children?
11) Does she like to play hide-and-seek in the jungle?
12) Who always wins?
13) Is it hot in the jungles?
14) Why does Prohow bring water?
15) How often does she have a shower?
16) Who loves Prohow?
17) How do they call Prohow?
18) Who is Prohow?
19) Is she the oldest Asian elephant in the world?