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Предлагаю для любителей авторских украшений из натуральных камней каталог моих работ

(Отличное качество и доступные цены. Обновляется каждый день.)




1. Доповни речення дієсловом to be у відповідній формі (am, is, are) i -ing-


  1. You ... stand on my foot.
  2. Rita ... sleep now.
  3. Your dog ... bark too loudly.
  4. They ... listen to pop music.
  5. Max ... play in the yard.
  6. I ... do my English exercises.
  7. Granny ... watch TV at the moment.
  8. We ... learn English.
  9. Mum ... cook meat for supper.
  10. They ... work in the garden.
  11. My grandparents ... wait for us.
  12. Things ... go from bad to worse.



1) are standing; 2) is sleeping; 3) is barking; 4) are listening; 5) is playing; 6) am doing; 7) is watching; 8) are learning; 9) is cooking; 10) are working; 11) are waiting; 12) are going.





2. Утвори -ing-форми поданих дієслів.

То cry

to clean

to order

to cook

to write

to drive

to bark

to wash

to look

to cut

to get

to dream

to call

to put

to kick

to study

to speak.



Crying, cleaning, ordering, cooking, writing, driving, barking, washing, looking, cutting, getting, dreaming, calling, putting, kicking, studying, speaking.



3. Вибери підмети з поданих у дужках слів, щоб скласти речення.

Е х a m р l е: (It/He/She) is raining heavily,— It is raining heavily.

  1. The (sun/lamps) is shining brightly.
  2. (My brother/Rita/Max) is playing football now.
  3. (My kitten /We /I) is drinking milk in the kitchen.
  4. (We/He/She) are learning new words.
  5. (Rita's grandparents /She /Her cat)  are  listening to  the news in their room at the moment.
  6. Denys! Hurry up! (Bohdan/Your friends/Rita) are waiting for you.
  7. (Rita/ Her parents/They) is answering the telephone,
  8. (Dan/The dogs/We) is making tea for us,
  9. (They/He/She) are cleaning the windows.
  10. (Max/We/You) is walking with his terrible dog!


1) sun; 2) My brother/Rita/Max; 3) My kitten; 4) We; 5) Rita's grandparents; 6) Your friends; 7) Rita; 8) Dan; 9) They; 10) Max.


4. Доповни речення присудками у формі Present Continuous.


  1. Rita is in her room. She ... {to read) a thrilling story. Her granny is busy too. She ... (to talk) over the telephone.
  2. My brother isn't at home. He ... (to ride) his new bicycle in the yard.
  3. Where is my cat? Oh, I see. He ... (to sleep) on the wardrobe.
  4. Our parents are in the sitting-room. They ... (to watch) TV.
  5. Grandpa wants to read fresh newspapers. That's why he ... (to look for) his glasses.
  6. Those little boys ... (to play) hide-and-seek.
  7. These girls ... (to walk) with their pets.
  8. Max's uncle is in the yard. He ... (to wash) his car.
  9. The pupils are in the hall. They ... (to have) a meeting there.
  10. 10) Dan is in the library. He ... (to prepare) for his exams.

1) is reading, is talking; 2) is riding; 3) is sleeping; 4) are watching; 5) is looking for; 6) are playing; 7) are walking;
8) is washing; 9) are having; 10) is preparing.



5. Перетвори речення з теперішнього неозначеного Present Simple у теперішній

тривалий час Present Continuous.

  1. She often walks here. (now) — She is walking here now.
  2. He learns English words every day. (now)
  3. She often plays here. (now)
  4. These boys usually play tennis after classes. (at the mo­ment)
  5. Their parents work in the garden on Sundays. (still)
  6. The teacher answers our questions at each lesson. (at the moment)
  7. It often rains here in autumn. (now)
  8. Granny talks over the phone very often. (at the moment)
  9. Those big monkeys often play with their babies. (now)
  10. We often play computer games in the evening. (at the mo­ment)


2) He is learning English words now.
3) She is playing here now.
4) These boys are playing tennis at the moment.
5) Their parents are still working in the garden.
6) The teacher is answering our questions at the moment.
7) It is raining now.
8) Granny is talking over the phone at the moment.
9) Those big monkeys are playing with their babies now.
10) We are playing computer games at the moment.



6. Переклади речення. (Дія відбуваються в момент мовлення!)

  1. Зараз моя бабуся розмовляє по телефону зі своею старою подругою.
  2. Аліси немае вдома. Вона грає в теніс зі своїми однокласниками.
  3. Подивися! Собака Макса грає з тими кошенятами!
  4. Мої батьки дивляться трилер, а дідусь читає свою улюблену газету «Факти».
  5. Макс катається на велосипеді в шкільному дворі.
  6. Дощ усе ще йде.
  7. Лариса пише твір про свою улюблену книгу.
  8. Я роблю домашнє завдання з англійської мови.
  9. Мій молодший брат гуляє зі своїми друзями.


1) My Granny is talking on the phone to her old friend at the moment.
2) Alice is not at home. She is playing tennis with her classmates.
3) Look! Max's dog is playing with those kittens.
4) My parents are watching a thriller, my grandpa is reading his favourite newspaper "The Facts".
5) Max is riding a bicycle in the school yard.
6) It is still raining.
7) Larisa is writing a composition about her favourite book.
8) I am doing my homework in English.
9) My younger brother is walking with his friends.




7. Заповни пропуски підходящими обставинами часу.

  1. A secretary ... helps her boss to plan his time. (now, at the moment, usually)
  2. ... the teacher is correcting our mistakes. (sometimes, al­ways, at the moment)
  3. I ... wash up after dinner. (often, at the moment)
  4. Those naughty children are teasing your dog ... . (now, of­ten)
  5. Granny is baking biscuits ... . (sometimes, now)
  6. My elder sister is ... talking on the phone. (often, still)
  7. He ... listens to classical music. (still, often)
  8. The cat is feeding its kittens... (always, now)
  9. Max ... plays football on Sunday mornings. (now, usually)
  10. Nina is visiting her friends... (sometimes, now)
  11. DadI A very strange man is opening the door of your car ... . (sometimes, at the moment)
  12. Listen! The birds are singing too loudly ... . (at the moment, very often, usually)



1) usually; 2) At the moment; 3) often; 4) now; 5) now; 6) still; 7) often; 8) now; 9) usually; 10) now; 11) at the moment; 12) at the moment.