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1. Заповни пропуски в прикладах.

Example: Did you sleep well last night? — Yes, I did. (Bu добре спали минулої ночі? — Так.)

1)            ... you wake up at seven this morning? — Yes, I....
(Bи   прокину лися  о  сьомгй  годині   сьогодні  вранці?   — Так.)
2)            Did he ... you last week? — No, he ... .
(Він телефонував тобі минулого тижня?-- Hi.)
3)            ... his uncle ... that house? — Yes,
(Його дядъко побудував той будинок? — Так.)
4)            ... it snow last Sunday? — No,
(Минулої неділі йшов сніг? — Hi.)
5) ... feed the dog? — No,
(Bи нагодували собаку? — Hi.)





1) Did, did; 2) phone, didn't; 3) Did ... build, he did; 4) Did, it didn't; 5) Did you, I didn't (we didn't).


2. Дайте короткі стверджувальні, a потім короткі заперечні відповіді на


Example: Did she write the letter? — Yes, she did. (No, she didn't.)

  1. Did you run to school this morning?
  2. Did you swim in the ocean?
  3. Did you enjoy the film?
  4. Did you understand the exercise?
  5. Did your grandfather read this newspaper yesterday?
  6. Did your teacher see my brother last week?
  7. Did Max say that just for fun?
  8. Did his team win the last game?
  9. Did your friends return home late last night?




3. Перетвори стверджувальні речення на запитальні.

Example: She went to the library every Sunday.— Did she go to the library every Sunday?

  1. Kate visited her grandparents several times a week.
  2. They interrupted your talk several times.
  3. All the pupils got excellent marks for the dictation.
  4. We read a lot of interesting stories last year.
  5. She often called on us last week.
  6. He thought about her letter.
  7. Rita told them the news.
  8. Nick broke the window with his ball.
  9. Max drew that funny big house.
  10. You had tea in the morning.
  11. It rained heavily last night.





1) Did  Kate  visit  her  grandparents  several times  a week?
2) Did they interrupt our talk several times?
3) Did all the pupils get excellent marks for this dictation?
4) Did we read a lot of interesting stories last year?
5) Did she often call on us last week?
6) Did he think about her letter?
7) Did Rita tell them the news?
8) Did Nick break the window with his ball?
9) Did Max draw that funny big house?
10) Did you have tea in the morning?
11) Did it rain heavily last night?




4. Ha наступні запитання дай спочатку коротку, а потім повну стверджувальну


Example: Did you write a letter to your granny? — Yes* I did. Yes, I wrote a letter to my granny.

  1. Did you have breakfast before classes?
  2. Did you find your book?
  3. Did you tell your friends the news?
  4. Did you understand the text?
  5. Did you sleep well last night?
  6. Did you go home after classes yesterday?
  7. Did you bring your bag with you?
  8. Did you buy a new disk yesterday?
  9. Did you lose your red pencil?





1) Yes, I did. Yes, I had breakfast before classes.
2) Yes, I did. Yes, I found my book.
3) Yes, I did. Yes, I told my friend the news.
4) Yes, I did. Yes, I understood the text.
5) Yes, I did. Yes, I slept well last night.
6) Yes, I did. Yes, I went home after classes yesterday.
7) Yes, I did. Yes, I brought my bag with me.
8) Yes, I did. Yes, I bought a new disk yesterday.
9) Yes, I did. Yes, I lost my red pencil.





5. Дай відповіді на альтернативні запитання, використовуючи слова з дужок.

Example: Did you go to the theatre or to the cinema last Sunday? (theatre) — I went to the theatre.

  1. Did you play football or volleyball after classes? (football)
  2. Did you get up at seven or at half past seven this morning? (at seven)
  3. Did you run or walk to school yesterday? (to run)
  4. Did he lose his book or his copy-book? (his copy-book)
  5. Did she go to the computer club or to the library last Sunday? (to the library)
  6. Did Kate telephone you or Rita last night? (Rita)
  7. Did Denys get "ten" or "nine" for this dictation? ("ten")
  8. Did Olena wear her red sweater or her black pullover yester­day? (black pullover)
  9. Did they meet Oksana or Julia at the concert? (Oksana)
  10. Did it rain or snow last night? (to rain)






1) They played football.
2) I got up at seven o'clock.
3) I ran to school yesterday.
4) He lost his copy-book.
5) She went to the library.
6) She telephoned Rita.
7) He got "ten".
8) She wore her black pullover.
9) They met Oksana at the concert.
10) It rained.