0939036075 Оксана (Киев)


1. Ознайомся з таблицею вживання дієслова сап у теперішньому часі й заповни

пропуски в прикладах відповідно до перекладу.

  1. Не can speak English a little. (Biн трохи говорить англійсъкою мовою.)
  2. She can use this translation servise. (Вона мохе скориститися послугою "бюро письменных переводов")
  3. She ... play the guitar but she ... play the piano. (Вона вміє грати на гітарі, але вона не вміє грати на піаніно.)
  4. This baby ... talk yet, but he can walk a little. (Ця дитина ще не вміє розмовляти, але трохи вміє ходити.)
  5. We ... open this window. Something is wrong with it. (Ми не можемо відкрити це вікно. 3 ним щось не так.)
  6. ... you come to see us tonight? (Bи можете відвідати нас сьогодні ввечері?) Sorry, I ... , but I ... come tomorrow. (На жаль, ні, але я можу прийти завтра.)
  7. ... we go home? (Можна нам іти додому?) Yes, you ... go now. (Так, тепер можна йти.)
  8. You ... cross the street when the light is red. (Bи не можете / He можна переходи цю вулицю на червоне світло,)
  9. You ... take my dictionary. (Можеш узяти мій словник.)



2) can, can't; 3) can't; 4) cannot; 5) Can, can't, can; 6) can, can; 7) can't; 8) can.



2. Доповни речення діесловами з дужок.

  1. They can ... their work next week (to finish).
  2. We can't ... him now (to help).
  3. It can ... very cold at night (to be).
  4. My Mom can ... English really well (to speak).
  5. Can I ... you a question? (to ask)
  6. Can I ... to you for a minute? (to talk)



1) finish; 2) help; 3) be; 4) speak; 5) ask; 6) talk.



3. Перетвори стеерджувальні речення на заперечні.

Examplell can climb mount Everest.— I can't climb mount Everest.

  1. Max can read maps.
  2. Rita can feed a shark.
  3. I can drive a train.
  4. We can tell you. the truth.
  5. You can cut an onion without tears.




1) Max can't read maps.
2) Rita can't feed a shark.
3) I can't drive a train.
4) We can't tell you the truth.
5) You can't cut an onion without tears.




4. Виправ фактичні помилки.

Example: Dogs can't bark.— No, it's wrong. Dogs can bark.

  1. Butterflies cam swim very well.
  2. Tortoises can run fast.
  3. The ostrich can eat everything, including stones and keys.
  4. The ostrich can't kill a person with one kick.
  5. A hippo can dive very well.
  6. Whales can't breathe air.
  7. Foxes can't catch mice.






1) Butterflies can't swim at all.
2) Tortoises can't run fast.
3) The ostrich can't eat everything, including stones and keys.
4) The ostrich can kill a person with one kick.
6) Whales can breathe air.
7) Foxes can catch mice.



5. Переклади речення.

  1. Я вмію грати у футбол і баскетбол.
  2. Моя бабуся вміє грати в комп'ютерні ігри.
  3. Мій дідусь уміє розповідати забавні історії про тварин.
  4. Ми не можемо перекласти цей текст без словника.
  5. Я не можу допомогти вам.
  6. її кішка не вміє ловити мишей.
  7. Мами вміють робити усе.




1) I can play football and basketball.
2) My grandmother can play computer games.
3) My grandfather can tell funny stories about animals.
4) We can't translate this text without a dictionary.
5) I can't help you.
6) Her cat can't catch mice.
7) Mothers can do everything.



6. Доповни питальні речення підходящими за змістом словами з дужок.

  1. I want to translate this article, but there are a lot of new words in it. Can I take your new ... ? (book, copy-book, diction­ary)
  2. It's rather dark in here. Can you switch on the ... , please? (TVset, light, computer)
  3. I'm very thirsty. Can I have a glass of ... , please? (sugar, salt, water)
  4. Where are the keys? I can't lock the door. Can you help me to find ... ? (them, it, they)
  5. I сапЧ hear you. Can you talk a bit ... ? (tower, quicker, loud­er)
  6. Where are the children? Are they in the yard? Can you see them from the ... ? (bathroom, window, your room)
  7. Excuse me, Mum is waiting for my call. Can I use your ... ? (radio, telephone, watch)
  8. I left my pencil-box at home. Can you give me a ... , please? (bag, vocabulary, pen)
  9. You know, Granny can't read without her glasses. Can you bring ... here? (it, her, them)



7. Перетвори стверджувальні речення на питальні.

Example: Rita can play tennis well.—

Can Rita play tennis well?

How can Rita play tennis?

What sports games can Rita play well?

Who can play tennis well?

  1. Her friend can cook very well.
  2. Victor can get tickets to the concert.
  3. They can go to the computer club together.
  4. I can meet you in the school yard.
  5. We can get this book at the library.
  6. We can help them.





1) Can her friend cook very well?
How can she cook?
What can she cook?
2) Can Victor get tickets to the concert?
How many tickets can he get?
Who can get tickets to the concert?
When can he get the tickets?
3) Can they go to the computer club together?
Where can they go?
When can they go to the computer club?
What can they do there?
4) Can you meet me in the school yard?
When can you meet me?
Where can we meet?
5) Can we get this book at the library?
What book can we get at the library?
Where can we get this book?
6) Can you help them?
Who can help them?
Who can you help?
When can you help them?