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1. Перетвори стверджувальні речення на заперечні.

1)    Max can ride a bicycle very well.

2)    Rita can speak English quite fluently.

3)    When a schoolgirl, my grandmother could play the piano.

4)    We must help him to do sums.

5)    They must hurry now.

6)    You may feed animals at the zoo.




2. Дайте короткі заперечні відповіді на запитання.

1)    Can you play chess?

2)    Can you drive a car?

3)    Could she ride a horse last year?

4)    Should they discuss this question again?

5)    May I come in?

6)    May we go now?



3. Заповни пропуски підходящими за змістом дієсловами з дужок. У деяких

випадках можливі варіанти.

1) She ... play the guitar rather well. (may, must, can)

2) This baby ... walk yet. (mustn't, can't, couldn't)

3) You ... be at two places at once. (mustn't, must, can't, can)

4) You ... teach an old dog new tricks. (must, can, can't)

5) Tortoises ... run fast. (may not, mustn't, can, can't)

6) The ostrich ... kill a person with one kick. (may, can, must)

7) I ... help you if you want. (must, can, may)

8) You ... finish all the work yesterday. (could, may, can)

9) I ... sleep well yesterday. (can't, mustn't, couldn't)

10) Pupils ... be late for classes. (can, may, must, mustn't)

11) We ... boil drinking water because of germs. (can, may, must)

12) He ... inform you about it. (must, cant may)

13) We ... show these photos to her. (must, mustn't, can, can't)

14) Granny is sleeping. You  ...  make a noise.  (must, can't, mustn't)

15) We ... cross the street when the light is red. (must, may, can, mustn't)

16) People ... take care of nature. (can, may, must, should)

17)  ... I go out? (can, may, must)

I8) People ... live on the Moon. (must, may, can, can't)

19) Children ... go to bed late. (can, must, can't, may, mustn't, shouldn't)

20) Max ... take my umbrella. (must, can, may)




4. Переклади речення.

1)   Моя мама вміє водити машину.

2)   Коли моему братові було чотири роки, він уже умів читати.

3)   Я можу дати тобі свій словник.

4)   Ми можемо зустріти вас в аеропорті.

5)   Денис повинний чекати на нас у дворі.

6)   Бабуся! Можна мені взяти твої ключі?

7)   Вибачте, можна мені вийти?

8)   Вони можуть робити електоральні дослідження (Электоральные исследования).


5. Знайди і виправ помилки.

1)    Не can rides a bicycle very well.

2)    Can you to speak English well?

3)    He doesn't must bring Ms mobile phone to school.

4)    Me may take your pen?

5)    Could I helped you?

6)    They should to take a taxi to get there in time.








1) Мах сап't ride a bicycle very well.

2) Rita can't speak English fluently.

3) When a schoolgirl, my grandmother couldn't play the piano.

4) We mustn't help him to do sums.

5) They mustn't hurry now.

6) They mustn't feed animals at the zoo.



1) No, I can't.

2) NoT he can't.

3) No, she couldn't.

4) No, they shouldn't.

5) No, you mustn't.

6) No, you mustn't.



1) can; 2) can't; 3) can't; 4) can't; 5) can't; 6) can; 7) can; 8) could; 9) couldn't; 10) mustn't; 11) must; 12) must (can, may); 13) must (mustn't, can, can't); 14) mustn4; 15) mustn't; 16) should; 17) may (can, must); 18) can't; 19) shouldn't; 20) may (can, must).



1) My mother can drive a car.

2) When my brother was four, he could read.

3) I can give you my dictionary.

4) We can meet you at the airport.

5) Denys must wait for us in the yard.

6) Granny! Can I take your keys?

7) Excuse me, may I go out?



1) He can ride a bicycle very well.

2) Can you speak English well?

3) He mustn't bring his mobile phone to school.

4) May I take your pen?

5) Could I help you?

6) They should take a taxi to get there in time.